no more journaling

Fri., 5/29, nothing to make up.

Thurs., TEST S3.1-3 (Local Govt)

Weds., 5/27: last practice sheet and time to study

TUES., 5/26: Get S3.3, special districts esp. school districts.
Get study guide for TEST on Local Govt.


Explore, then write about OR
• Also if you like.
• What do you see/find? Anything interesting? Dull?
• WRITE the date and time of at least one meeting time and what it is for.
• If you write about the library site, make sure I notice that!

Thurs., 5/21: Get S3.2 City Govt
No hours do this:
Write about which departments of city government sound like they'd be fun to work in; dreadful to work in; or meh. Tell why
OR B) Final thoughts about the trial/verdict.
OR C) Thoughts/implications of today's CarlNews.

Weds., 5/20: 2nd hour only, do yesterday's topic.

Tues., 5/19:
JOURNAL: (1st and 6th hours) If absent, get a copy of Escanaba's animal ordinance,
•Write OVERALL about Escanaba's Animal Ordinance; NOT just about the part you looked at.
• Try to write "big picture" things as well as specific details.
• Then end with an overall evaluation (judgement) of the ordinance: your opinion of how it is: strengths/weaknesses, etc. Is it thorough enough? Not enough?

Mon., 5/18
Get S3.1 on local govt.


1st and 2nd, do Thursday's (trial day journal) below.
If you weren't at the trial write about other trials you have known about or seen/heard (incl. TV shows).

6th: From what you heard on our trial morning; and from the two news reports that incl. Thurs afternoon and Friday:
A. If you were on the jury, what would you be thinking, and what verdict would you be leaning towards. Why? Any doubts? Bear in mind the defense hasn't had his "turn" yet.
B. Why or why not would you want to be on a jury? What challenges or rewards would there be?


Fri., 5/15: nada

Thurs., 5/14: JOURNAL NOT 1st or 2nd
A) Please write your thoughts/feelings about "the process" you saw today: getting wand-ed, deputies, the room, the judge, the lawyers, questioning and testifying, etc. . . .
B) Now write about the testimony you heard and your thoughts about the case itself.
C) Please write what, if anything, you might have learned from this that you might not have from reading or videos.

Weds., 5/13:
Get S2.2; it is not "linkable," so be sure to get it from the yellow box.

JOURNAL NOT 1st or 2nd or 6th HOURS
• Write of your experience or inexperience re. trials and courtrooms (even incl. shows and movies incl. "Gideon" this year.
• Write of your expectations, hopes, apprehensions regarding tomorrow. What do you think you might learn that you wouldn't in a classroom?

Tues., 5/12:
JOURNAL: Read anything out of UpFront magazine. Write thoughts and feelings and possible implications on the future.

Mon., 5/11:
JOURNAL: Write of the joys and pitfalls of livin' in good ol' Delta Co., MI.
Joys outweigh pitfalls? Howso?

Also get S2 on counties.


Fri., 5/8:
TEST on S1 (state stuff)

Go online and READ about ISIS propaganda videos whereby they reach American Muslims. OR -- at your own risk -- find a couple on YouTube and watch:
• What do you think of the images and words they use? Try to be specific.
• Why do you think they use those images and words to attract young men especially?
• These videos will continue to sway American citizens who are Muslims to like ISIS and even commit violence here (as in Texas last weekend). . . .
- Anything the federal government can/should do? What about freedom of speech?
- Anything the company YouTube can/should do? What about freedom of speech?

Thurs., 5/7:
Read the "Sharing Economy" in Upfront.
• Wow! What do you think? This is in all medium to big cities in America.
• As you see them, which are the most salient (important) pros/cons? Which are stronger in your humble opinion, the pros or the cons?
• Can you see yourself participating in the sharing economy? Why or why not?
• Which of the apps on p. 9 appeal to you most as either a provider of service or a customer?

Weds., 5/6:
Get MI practice sheet, do and show me.

2nd and 6th, also get STUDY GUIDE for FRIDAY's TEST on S1.

JOURNAL: write about govt/econ news. Some choices:
• Prop 1 (roads) goes down: good or bad thing? Now what? How fund road improvements?
• Gladstone city council people recalled and new ones. What do you think of recalling elected people? How does a city pay for its services when costs go up and income from poroperty tax is flat? Or does it have to cut services?
• Batchelor murder case.
• National/world news: What do you think and what are some implications?
• ISIS attack on US soil?
• Gender inequality in US?

Tues., 5/5:
Get S1.4, Judicial Branch. Do and show me.
Get study guide for TEST on S1, which is on Thurs.

Mon., 5/4:
Get S1.3, MI executive branch. Do and show me.

WEEK FOUR already!

Fri., 5/1: MAYDAY!
Get and do activity from yellow box. Show me for points.

Thurs., 4/30, Get S1.2. Do and show me. No journal.

Weds., 4/29:
(If you were absent you'll have to go online and read or watch videos about the state capitol building.)
BE the Capitol building in Lansing. Tell some visiting 3rd graders about yourself (how you were built, your structure and decoration); and what you see/hear going on inside you (legislative branch doings).

Tues., 4/28: Get S1.1
no journal

Mon., 4/27:
Get article on the case before the Supreme Court on the 28th.
Don't write about this if it bothers you. Let me know and we'll think of something else.
1. Restate in no more than two sentences what is happening tomorrow.
2. Were you a Supreme Court justice, how would you vote?
3. What legal basis/logic/tradition would you base your reasoning on? And what makes you righter than the opposing viewpoint, which also has many smart and good supporters?
4. Imagine some positive and negative effects (implications) if your "side" "wins."



Fri., 4/24: PREPARE FOR TEST on E5 on Monday. No study guide, just three notesheets linked below.

THURS., 4/23: nothing to make up

Tues./Weds. 4/21 & 22: From E5.1-3, Create 10 review questions. Put answer key on another sheet. A set of five matchings counts as five items.

Mon., Get notesheet E5.2 notesheet
about banking/investment. Do and show me.


Fri., 4/17: Read UpFront magazine. For sure read about US and cheap oil. All other stuff is optional
• The US is the world's leading oil producer. What implications could that have for America's economic future?
• Will increased supply (and lower prices) make people worry less about consuming energy? How so?
• NEW PARAGRAPH: Now write about other stories incl. helicopter dude at Capitol, trying especially to write thoughts and not just re-telling.

Thurs., nothing to make up.

Weds., 4/15:
Get infosheet 5.1 about taxes
Read article about shaming tax evaders/cheats.
This is a persuasive essay. 1. What is the authors' main point? 2. How well do they make their case? 3. Should we do in MIchigan what they describe? Explain why/not. . . .

Tues., 4/14: Get info sheet 5.3 about college.

Mon., 4/13. JOURNAL: NOT 1st hour
WHAT do you remember from the class "20th Century US History"? Write big ideas or factoids or reasons why things happened, or famous people. . . .
[HINTS: Industrialization; Imperialism; Progressive Era; WWI; Roaring Twenties; Depression; WWII; Civil Rights; Midcentury Growth; Cold War; Vietnam; Crazy '60s; Downer '70s; Rise of Conservatism and '80s Econ.


Fri., April 10
nothing to make up

Thurs., April 9:


JOURNAL, after watching da newz:
• Pick one story; summarize in a sentence;
• write your thoughts including possible implications for the future (how it could affect things, maybe even your own life).
• Repeat if you need to.

Weds., April 8:

Get and do E4 practice sheet.

JOURNAL: Read about Tidal. Write all about it. Respond to any of the following.
• Good gamble on Jay-Z's part?
• Will people pay for streaming?
• Does the stars' argument -- that people should pay to support artists who make their music -- sway you?
• People pay for Netflix. Is there a dif. between paying for TV/movies and for music, in people's minds?
• IS Tidal, in fact, a big, historic development in the music industry?
• See any good coming from competing streaming services?
• Are you interested in subscribing? What would your best guess be, for your generation in general, whether it will pay for music?

Tues., APRIL 7
In time, we are all equally wealthy. We all had 10 days to "spend" on Spring Break.
• Think of a specific chunk of time or even a whole day, and how you spent it. Was it a good "spending" of time? Or would you like a do-over to spend it differently.
• Any advice you would give to the younger you on March 27 at 2:27 PM?
• Repeat until you are satisfied with your wonderful word count.

-- Get and do E4.4, about trade policy. Show me.

-- Get study guide E4.


Fri., 3/27:
Read re. Chinese cram school: Similarities and differences compared to good ol' EHS?
• Pros and cons of their "cram school"?
• Starting after next year, should we do things more like that, at EHS? Explain thyself.
• If you read other articles, write some thoughts about them.

2nd Hour, you may do Weds.'s below. . . .

Thurs., 3/26: Get E4.3. Do and show me.

Weds., 3/25:
Read about the Girl Scout who sold many cookies in a certain location. Is this brilliant business? Or inappropriate location?
Are her parents helping her learn business OR contributing to her delinquency?
What broader lessons can we take from this? Etc.

• Get E4.2. Do and show me.

Tues., 3/24: 2nd hour, do yesterday's JOURNAL.
• Get and do E4.1: Some reasons why some countries are better economically than others.

Mon., 3/23: JOURNAL:
Read bitcoins article.
Summarize what bitcoins are and how they work. Then, take a position on them (like, are they a good or cool thing or not). Then support that with evidence from the article or other relevant thoughts you think about them.

OR . . .
Read article about iPhones in China:
I. Summarize Mr. Jobs' and Apple's attitude about America and American jobs.
II. If you led a big corporation, would you feel the same? Or would you build your things in America and just accept with the fact it would probably cost more and make your company less profit? Explain.
III. Compare what you read of Chinese workers to what you know of American workers.


Fri., 3/20: Nothin' to make up. You missed the design-a-Meijer-store-site game. LOADS o' fun.

THURS., 3/19:
Read UpFront article about the Boomerang Effect.
CHOOSE from among the following prompts:
• Summarize in ONE sentence.
• Write about the implications of this now and the future: how does/will so many people not going out on their own affect the economy, family life, population rates, people's psychology, etc. etc.??
• What do you see as the economic benefits and costs of livin' at home in your 20s?
• Thinkers really wonder about your Gen. ARE you Millennials (same Gen as people who are now 25 or 35)? Or is your Gen a new beast of its own with defferent values and ways of seeing the world. WHY do you think so?
• How will you NOT end up way in debt when you're 25?

TEST on E3.1-3.5: MACRO.

Weds., 3/18:
• Get and do E3B Review (hand-drawn one)
• JOURNAL 6th HOUR ONLY: Do yesterday's . . .

Tues., 3/17:
JOURNAL (1st hour only) We've been talking about the interest rates for borrowing money lately, So . . .
• Borrowing money and being in debt: pros and cons?
• Could it actually ever be a good idea to borrow?
• Do you have any experiences with borrowing money so far in life?
• When do you think you might need/want to borrow money in the future?

- Get study guide for Thurs.'s E3 test.
- Get and do E3.5; show me when done.

Mon., 3/16: Get and do gorilla practice sheet (on E3.1-2). Show me.
Get and do E3.4. Show me. Good luck on this. You missed the hardest econ stuff all year.
Here is a powerpoint that might explain things better. Read things over several times if they do not make sense. Don't just give up.


Fri., 3/13
• Get E3.3, do and show me.
JOURNAL, after watching da newz:
• Pick one story; summarize in a sentence;
• write your thoughts including possible implications for the future (how it could affect things, maybe even your own life).
• Repeat if you need to.

Thurs., 3/12:
JOURNAL: IF YOU WEREN"T HERE, do a topic on something else good related to govt/econ.
Freakonomics of Crack:
1. Re-cap/summarize what you saw/heard.
2. In what ways is the crack trade like a regular business?
3.. If being a foot soldier in a gang is such a bad job, why do you suppose many people would be attracted to it? Dr. Levitt says economically (not morally) being in a gang was probably the "right choice." Thoughts on that?

Weds. 3/11:
• Write about jobs you would love or businesses you would love to own, and why. What do you know about the job outlook (how many openings there will be in it, when you grow up)?
• Then write about jobs you would hate or businesses you would not want to own, and why.

The govt website that tells about future jobs:

Get and do E3.2. Show me when done.

Tues., 3/10
Get E3.1 about economic indicators and show me when done.

Mon., 3/9:

JOURNAL: Read article about the political/patriotism attitudes of your generation. CHOOSE from the prompts below, to write about. . . .
• Please define patriotism as you understand it.
• Are flying the flag and saying the pledge good indicators of a person's "patriotism"?
• Is caring about the values of a nation (e.g. "equality")
a good indicator of a person's "patriotism"?
• From what you've seen among Esky's millenial generation (your peers), does this article ring true? How so or how not?
• How has Michigan's daily Pledge idea affected patriotism among you and your peeps?
• Any other thoughts on this. . . .


Fri., 3/6: TEST on E2.1-3.
JOURNAL on the news (YOUR thoughts, not just recap).
• Or on anything related to rules/enforcement OR trade ($, time, things, services, etc.).

Thurs., 3/5: POWERPOINT on GOVT in the MARKET (review)

JOURNAL: Get article on soda tax in Berkeley, CA.
This is an article about two cities voting on whether to correct the externality of obesity, by taxing soda (a.k.a "pop").
1. Should a majority of a city and the government they elect get involved in trying to improve the health of its people? Explain why/not and why you're righter than someone who would oppose you.
2. What do you think about using tax to decrease a behavior ("sin tax")?
3. What do you think about the beverage industry focusing on low-income folks to get them to vote "no'? Immoral? Or, simply smart business?
4. Should we do something similar in our great state of MIchigan? Explain why/not.

Weds., 3/4: Work Keys

Tues., 3/3: ACT

Mon., 3/2:
Get study guide for FRIDAY's TEST on E2.1-3.
Get and do E2.3.

Read Wal-Mart pay article.
You're the manager of Wal-Mart in Esky and your regional manager gives you the option of raising our local workers' pay to $10 per hour (current MI minimum is $8.15).
• Do you raise your workers' pay? Why/not? Remember you are judged by your regional manager based on the profit your store makes.
• How much of a ripple effect do you see happening in the American economy because of Wal-Mart's raise it will be giving soon? Good? Bad? Negligible?
• Any other wage thoughts?


Fri: no school

Thurs., 2/26:
JOURNAL: Read "Economics of Cheating":
Does this article seem to correspond (match) with what you have observed in real life?
Please be specific and describe the extent or specifics of cheating at EHS. (Don't use vague words like "a lot" or "not much" -- I don't know what those mean to you.)
What do you think about the costs/benefits of cheating?

Get and do E2.2.

Weds., 2/25: 6th HOUR ONLY
Do the JOURNAL topic from yesterday.

OR this one from "Jobs" day III:
So, what do you think? Does the way he lived, and his attitude inspire you?
• Or is he kind of a turn off, the way he treated
• Or both?
• Do you learn anything about business or success?
• Etc.; overall review; give it a letter grade and explain. . . .

TUES., 2/24:
We are all equally rich in the amount of time we have to spend every 24 hours. Write about specific ways you spent time over our cold break. For each one, evaluate whether it was a good trade (time for whatever you did/got).

Get and do E2.1,





Weds., 2/18:
NO CLASSES DO THIS (I'm just saving the topic for next year.)
So, what do you think? Does the way he lived, and his attitude inspire you?
• Or is he kind of a turn off, the way he treated
• Or both?
• Do you learn anything about business or success?
• Etc.; overall review; give it a letter grade and explain. . . .

Tues., 2/17:
“You’ve got to find what you love… Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” - S. Jobs, 2005

JOURNAL: 1. Put the quote in your own words in a sentence or two. 2. Agree or disagree with the above quote and explain. 3. Give examples from your or others' lives you have seen; or how you hope to live it out or not.

Mon., 2/16: "Jobs" Day One.
JOURNAL: Assuming the movie is fairly accurate, from what you've seen about his character so far, what about him would enable him to become a business giant? What do you learn/observe about the early computing industry? Make some predictions about the film if you like.

WEEK THREE already

Fri., 2/13:
TEST on microeconomics.

Pick one of the Freakonomics clips we have seen lately.
1. Re-cap/summarize the segment you saw.

CHOICE 1: "Bribe a Ninth Grader"
2. What do you think about the system the school tried? The results we saw? Should/could we do that here? Why/not? Why do you think the rewards work for the one kid and not the other?
3. What do you think of this approach of applying economics to an area we wouldn't usually think of applying it to? What other areas of life could you think of economically (analyzing trade-offs and payoffs)?

CHOICE 2: "Monkey Economics"
2. What lessons or interesting thoughts does your brain gather from this segment?
3. If you had to explain it to a 3rd grader, what would you say?

Thurs., 2/12
Get ready for Friday's test on Microeconomics E1.1-4.

Weds., 2/11: ANYTHING (fit for school) about buying/trading/selling/business/econ.

Tues., 2/10:
Read Taco Bell article.
Write what you think of all that went into the development of DLT.
• Has Taco Bell gotten you to try/buy one? How about their new breakfast line?
• We've heard recently of big losses in business for McDonald's. Competition from other companies' new products is one reason. What would you advise McD to do to increase demand for their food?
• Any other fast food mashups you would like to taste?

Mon., 2/9:
JOURNAL: View Coke ad.
1. Re. the ad itself: What feeling(s) is Coke trying to make people feel and associate with Coke?
1b. Is there any thought or idea Coke is trying to get people to associate with Coke?
1c. From what you know of the world, will this ad lead some people to buy Coke?
2. Does the ad seem divisive (dividing people) to you?
2b. Should Coke have had people sing in English?
3. Any other thoughts/comments?


Fri., 2/6: Get and do E1.2 about the Law of Supply. Show me.

Thurs., 2/5: Write about important choices you have made or think you will make. How did/will you decide what to do? Why couldn't you do both/all choices?

Get and do E1.1. Show me when done.

Weds., 2/4: JOURNAL: It is Feb 17. Electricity goes down everywhere in the USA east of the Rockies. A computer virus/worm from ISIS is suspected, but no one is sure. As soon as a generating station comes online it goes down within minutes. It is Day Three without power. Describe what is happening in Escanaba/Central UP and why.

QUIZ on Foreign Policy

Tues., 2/3 Powermageddon II: Dawning Light

Mon., 2/2: NO!! Don't do this. Powermageddon: Darkness Rising
GROUNDHOG DAY: Write about trades or purchases you would DEFINITELY do over again; or definitely would not.
AND/OR: If you had a pet groundhog, would would be its benefits to you; its costs?


Fri., 1/30: What foreign country or countries would you most like to visit or live in, and why?
Which would you not touch with a ten foot pole, and why?
Do you see yourself actually traveling or living abroad when older?

Thurs., 1/29:

Get and do 12.2.

Here is a kind of isolationist quote:
"The best way to enhance freedom in other lands is to demonstrate here that our democratic system is worthy of emulation." - Pres. Jimmy Carter
• Restate in your own words.
• Tell if you agree or disagree, and how strongly.
• include how well you think our democratic system is worthy of emulation (copying)
• Give examples from your life or from what you have seen, that support your belief.
• Conclude.

Weds., 1/28: 2nd hour only, journal on yesterday's topic.

Tues., 1/27:
Inside North Korea:
JOURNAL: (not 2nd hour)
Remember and write some details you saw/heard.
Then write some thoughts:
How NK differs from US culturally/politically? Similarities?
What do you make of their juché ("up yours") philosophy?
Potential trouble for US? Nukes? Hack attacks?
Etc, etc. . . .

Mon., 1/26:
Get and do 12.1, Foreign Policy.

JOURNAL: Our ol' buddy, isolationism v. intervening!
Ok, so there's this Boko Haram army in Nigeria, Islamic extremists who kidnap and sell girls and kill civilians; and might help terrorists. You're the president, in charge of our foreign policy. What do you do?
Some options:
• nothing
• $ to the Nigerian govt
• talk/bribe BH into being cool (worked in Iraq)
• send US military to kill them
• other
WHY? do you choose your course over other options?
What would be possible drawbacks to your idea?



Fri., 1/16: TEST (6th HOUR)
We practiced Unit 2 (history).
We studied from the study guide.

Thurs., 1/15:
TEST on "Other Actors in Politics" (NOT 6th HOUR: you're on for Friday)

Weds., 1/14:
• Write Mr. Stossel's main point.
• Write a couple of lines he uses to support his opinion. Feel free to quote directly, but use " " if you do.
• Evaluate how well he makes his case and explain.
• Write whether you agree or not; Support yourself with evidence as best you can.
• Conclude.
• Nice.

Tues., 1/13: Get and do 11.3
Also: Get study guide for THURS.' s TEST on 11.1-11.3

Mon., 1/12: JOURNAL
Turn page, write "Week 9."
"Being part of something special makes you special."
• Restate in your own words.
• Tell if you agree or disagree, and how strongly.
• Give examples from your life or from what you have seen, that support your belief.
• Conclude.

Also, get and do 11.2.


Fri., 1/9:
NOT 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 6th
Based on yesterday's survey on whether you're liberal or conservative:
• Write about the taking of the test and the results.
• Did your results turn out the way you thought they would?
• Had you thought of yourself as liberal or conservative before?
• What or who has shaped your opinions to be as they are?
• From what you know, does any of the political parties rock your socks? Etc.

Thurs., 1/8: Get 11.1 and do it; do paper survey on liberal or conservative

Weds., 1/7: Read article about girl in Conn.
JOURNAL: Answer the questions well. Write other things you think about this if you finish the questions and want to write more.

Tues., 1/6: Get and do 8:States; show me.

JOURNAL: "THREE GOOD THINGS" (from the course "The Science of Happiness," © Berkeley/EdX)

Write about three things that went well over Break, and provide an explanation for why they went well.

  1. Give each event a title (e.g., “Friend Complimented My Work on a Project”)
  2. Write down exactly what happened in as much detail as possible, including what you did or said and, if others were involved, what they did or said.
  3. Include how this event made you feel at the time and how this event made you feel later (including now, as you remember it).
  4. Explain what you think caused this event—why it came to pass.



Thurs., 12/18: TEST on Rights, 7B.
• Yesterday: Taliban attack on school; collapse of ruble (Russian money)
• Today: opening relations w/ Cuba; N. Korea hack and cancellations of movie; who owns North Pole; people checking devices too much

- - - Pick one story; summarize in a sentence; write your thoughts including possible implications for the future (how it could affect things, maybe even your own life). Repeat if you need to. DO NOT JUST LIST THE NEWS STORIES YOU HEARD.

Weds., 12/17: Get 7.7: Read and do. Show me.

Tues., 12/16: read Satanic display at capitol article.
JOURNAL: I'm tired of bossing you around and telling you everything exactly to write about. So: Just write all about this article: thoughts, feelings, implications for future, etc.??
Compare it to the Allegheny case (when govt. placed a creche on courthouse stairs)??
Have fun.

Get STUDY GUIDE for Thurs.'s TEST.

Mon., 12/15:
Get 7.6: Rights of the accused and punished. Read, do, and show me.

Read Esky Schools' search and seizure policy.
JOURNAL: What do you notice? What do you like? Dislike?
Good balance between rights and safety? What could/should be added?


Fri., 12/12: New Jersey v TLO! Probably your last court case!
• In your own words, summarize what led up to the case and what the two sides in the case wanted, and why (their "arguments").
• Then tell how you would have voted as a Supreme Court justice, based on the Fourth and 14th Amendments.Was the search "reasonable" without a warrant
• Explain why your thinking is wiser than the opposing viewpoint.

Thurs., 12/11: 7.5, guns and searches!

Weds., 12/10: TEST on First Amendment
Watch news report on CIA report of the Senate.
JOURNAL: Of the things described in the report, would you classify any as "torture"? Why or why not?
B) Was the CIA justified in doing the things described in the report, in light of what had happened 9/11 and what enemies were still wanting to do to us?

Tues., 12/9: JOURNAL Read the article about changes in TV watching. Write about the economics (yes, $, but also other trade-offs and payoffs) involved and where you see the industry going. Also, how your own viewing habits relate.

Mon., 12/8: Get STUDY GUIDE for Weds. Test on 7.1-7.4, FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.
Get and do 7.4.


Fri., 12/5: Create five multiple choice questions based on 7.1 - 7.3. Create a separate answer key. Give to me when done.

JOURNAL: Get and read Kuhlmeier case on school newspaper censorship. JOURNAL like on Monday and Weds below.

Thurs., 12/4: Get 7.3 about speech and press rights.

Weds., 12/3: Read "Tinker v. Des Moines" case.
• In your own words, summarize what led up to the case and what the two sides in the case wanted, and why (their "arguments").
• Then tell how you would have voted as a Supreme Court justice, based on the First and 14th Amendments. (Was the armband "speech"? Should it have been "protected"?)
• Explain why your thinking is wiser than the opposing viewpoint.

Tues., 12/2
JOURNAL: (NOT 3rd hour):
Read the Bill of Rights.
• Write things you notice about it.
• These could be very boring observations; or things you find interesting or odd, like rights you didn't know of, or ways things are worded. Or, how things are grouped. Or something that is not included.
• For some of the things you notice, take a guess as to why it is that way.

Also, get and do 7.2 on religion rights.

Mon., 12/1:
Get and read the background of "Allegheny County" (Supreme Court case).
The "establishment clause" of the First Amendment, via the 14th Amendment, says states and local units of government should not establish (promote or assist a religion).
• In your own words, summarize what led up to the case and what the two sides in the case wanted, and why (their "arguments").
• Then tell how you would have voted as a Supreme Court justice, based on the First and 14th Amendments.
• You can treat the creche (manger scene) different from the menorah (Jewish candelabra outside) if you want.
• Explain why your thinking is wiser than the opposing viewpoint.

Tues., 11/25: CYBER-SNOW-Day: Discuss w/ parent/guardian what we learned about yest (Const. rights in general, Who they come from, and Big14

Mon., 11/24:JOURNAL NOT 2nd HOUR: What do you think of the idea that there are some basic "human rights" (some actions that government should not interfere with)?
• Try to remember as many rights as you can from the Bill of Rights and describe them a bit. (E.g., "freedom of . . ." or "the right to . . ." or "the govmt. cannot . . .").
*hint: Think about Gideon and some of the rights he thought he had. Think about cases we've already talked or read about.

Also: Get and do 7.1 about RIGHTS in general.

Fri., 11/21:Short TEST on Judicial Branch.
Read article on 4th Amendment cases esp. re. cell phone searches.JOURNAL: Choice A) Write about the Supreme Court's decision on cell phones and why they got it right or wrong. Think of the opposing view and say why you have a better case. (This is "refutation.")Choice B) Write about the sidebar items in the lower left of p. 2: Yelp, Facebook et al.) How do you think the Court should rule on those issues and why?
Thurs., 11/20: Get practice sheet for short test TOMORROW on 6.1 and 6.2.
Weds., 11/19: GIDEON DAY III
Absent? Go to You Tube and watch the final one-third (40 min. or so) of the film "Gideon's Trumpet."
What is your opinion on the Supreme Court’s "Gideon" decision (people should be appointed a free lawyer, for a fair trial)?
If Gideon had been guilty, would that affect your opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision?
Why do you suppose "trumpet" in the title "Gideon's Trumpet" refers to?
Do an overall review of the movie. Give it a letter grade compared to most other school movies and explain. Should or shouldn’t I show it next year?

Tues., 11/18:Absent? Go to You Tube and watch the middle one-third of the film "Gideon's Trumpet."
GIDEON DAY II: From the movie or what you already know:
How is the Supreme Court different from a trial court? What do you think about nine unelected people (the justices) voting to decide what your rights are, and what the government can’t do? Is that a good plan? Think of anything better?

Mon., 11/17: Go
and watch the first 36 minutes or so up through Clarence Gideon's sending in his appeal to the Supreme Court.
JOURNAL:Write "Week Three."
Gideon day one: How would you have decided if you were on the jury, and why? What would be hard about defending yourself in court w/o a lawyer? Should people who can’t afford an attorney be given one by the taxpayers? Why/not? Make some predictions.

Fri. 11/14:
NOT 2nd, 3rd, or 6th HOURS!
After the news (cold; Secret Service goofs; defective airbags that kill ppl; Putin sending Russian bomber patrols near US; ISIS leader telling followers to do jihad everywhere; spacecraft on a comet; Mike Brown's family's report that he had hands up) . . .
Pick one story; summarize in a sentence; write your thoughts including possible implications for the future (how it could affect things, maybe even your own life). Repeat if you need to. DO NOT JUST LIST THE NEWS STORIES YOU HEARD.

Also, get 6.2 about the Supreme Court (SCOTUS)
Thurs., 11/13:MUSIC SURVEY

WEDS., 11/12: Get and do 6.1 on the Judicial Branch.
Read the article about Taylor Swift pulling her music off of Spotify.
Write about how your music purchasing or playing has changed over the years. Do you go for singles or albums? Buy downloads; get them illegally; or stream? What do you think of Taylor's strategy of removing her music from Spotify? Smart or shortsighted or neither? If her intent was to drive sales of 1989, why pull all of her songs?

Mon., 11/10: TEST on executive branch.


Thurs., 11/6: We got an optional practice on 5.3-4 and did that or the study guide in preparation for MONDAY'S TEST.
Weds., 11/5: Get STUDY GUIDE for MONDAY's test on excutive branch.Get 5.4 about the federal budget and taxes.
Tues., 11/4:
JOURNAL directions in yellow box:

Mon., 11/3: JOURNAL: Pick any position up for election in the voters' guide. (On the windowsill if you were absent.) Read the candidates' answers. Write who you think you'd vote for and give specific reasons from his or her answers. Do another position (job) if that doesn't give you enough thoughts/words.
Also, get 5.3, do and show me.


Fri., 10/31:
1) Go to
and take the survey on your political ideas.
2) Go to
and take the quiz.
3) Do not go to other websites.
4) JOURNAL about how your results turned out on one or both.
5) Done? Get a voter guide and look through it and notice things well.

Thurs., 10/30:
JOURNAL: After the news: Pick one story; summarize in a sentence; write your thoughts including possible implications for the future (how it could affect things, maybe even your own life). Repeat if you need to. DO NOT JUST LIST THE NEWS STORIES YOU HEARD.

Weds., 10/29: JOURNAL: What are the most important personal qualities you think are important for a president to have (for example, intelligence, knowledge, tenacity, humor, honesty, normalcy, etc, etc.)? From what you can tell, give Mr. Obama numerical ratings in the characteristics you considered most important.

Tues., 10/28:
JOURNAL: Think about what you heard on the video, and from what you already know from life:Would you like to be President? Why/not? Pros and cons of the job? Would you be a good one? Etc.

Mon., 10/27: JOURNAL:
Recollect your weekend. Write about rules or laws you saw enforced or not; OR about trades (time, energy, money, things, services) you saw or were involved in.

Also, get and do 5.1.


Fri., 10/24:
JOURNAL: Write about the music/dance/film examples. Better to be born in late '90s or 1920s? (Don't forget the Depression happened in '30s).
• Or, write about anything else fit for school.
• Or, give an overall review of "Mr. Smith" with recommendation on showing it again or not.

THURS., 10/23: "Mr. Smith" Day III, nothing to make up.

Weds., 10/22: "Mr. Smith" Day II:
JOURNAL: CHOOSE from among these prompts:
• What do you make of the character being named “Jefferson and Smith”?
• Do you think an innocent “newbie” could go off to Lansing or Washington and make a difference?
• Mr. Smith wants to put his camp right where the others in his party want to sell land at a huge profit to the govt. Write your thoughts and feelings about what you've seen so far.
• Senator Payne says he had to compromise with crookedness to do good things for the people of the state; agree with that or not?
• Make some predictions about how the movie will end.
• Etc.

Tues., 10/21: Nothing to make up.
Mon., 10/20
Read the article about ISIS and the man who would like to be "caliph."
JOURNAL: Summarize in no more than three sentences. Write how this could affect our future and any thoughts/feelings you have about him and ISIS.
Also, TEST on Legislative Branch.


Fri., 10/17: Getting ready for Mon.'s TEST.
There was an optional big practice with answers taped on the wall near the door if you choose to do it. Or do something productive with your study guide you got Thurs.

Thurs., 10/16: JOURNAL: We've been learning about the legislative process. From what you've heard would you enjoy
• running in elections (raising money, attending rallies, shaking hands, etc.);
• and then being a legislator (studying bills, attending committee meetings, speaking/listening in the full House or Senate, cutting deals, speaking in the media, etc.)
• Why or why not, based on what you know about yourself?

ALSO, get STUDY GUIDE for Mon.'s coming test on 4.1-4.3.
ALSO, we did a practice based on 4.3 not linked here. Get it in the yellow box.

Weds., 10/15: Get 4.3; do and show me when done.
Tues., 10/14: JOURNAL: Write about the campaign ads you watched. Do you think they're effective in general? Which appeals to you more, negative or positive? Do any of these particular ones stand out?
Mon., 10/13:JOURNAL: TURN DA PAGE, WRITE, "WEEK 7."Please write about the planning, writing, and making of your school constitution. Was it like the real Convention in 1787 with arguments and compromises? Smooth sailing? Both? Equal division of labor, etc?
Also: Get and do 4.2 about the structure of Congress.


Fri., We reviewed 4.1 and worked on the project, planning how to make the finished project.3rd HOUR, hand me 4.1 which I gave you before we went to the assembly on Thurs.
Thurs., 10/9: Get 4.1; do and show me. No journal! Take the two surveys linked on my main webpage if you like.
Weds., 10/8: nothing to make up, believe it or not. Remember your project is due Mon.

Tues., 10/7: JOURNAL: Read or watch online about the Supreme Court's decision announced Monday, 10/6/14.
Summarize what you understand about the Supreme Court NOT taking cases about same-sex marriage. Then write your thoughts on the matter. If you write your opinion, back it up with your support and reasoning. Implications for the future?

ALSO, get PROJECT instructions.

Mon., 10/6; JOURNAL:
Turn the page. Write "Week Six." (Still 44% of term left.)
After the news: Pick one story; summarize in a sentence; write your thoughts including possible implications for the future (how it could affect things, maybe even your own life). Repeat if you need to. DO NOT JUST LIST THE NEWS STORIES YOU HEARD.

also TEST on Unit 3.


Fri., 10/3: Study time for Mon.'s test.

• Write about trade-offs involved in homecoming week. Trading off of time? Money? Energy? School success?
• What are the payoffs?
• Are these trades and decisions worth it? Why/not?

Also, get STUDY GUIDE for Mon.'s test.

We did a practice sheet. Do it as best you can without looking at 3.1 and 3.2; then look if you must. Show me when done.

Weds., 10/1:
• You’re principal at a school with no Homecoming festivities. Students propose a week just like what we do here, but you worry about anarchy.
• Do you agree to it? Explain why or why not.
• Remember: LEARNING/EDUCATION is your prime concern. YOU as principal get evaluated on student achievement! Try to tie this in with government or economic ideas.

Also, get 3.3; do and show me.
Tues., 9/30: JOURNAL: Write about serious disagreements you've been in or see that did not end in compromise. What were the sides? Was there a winner? How so?
Also: Get 3.2 (Ratifying the Constitution); do and show me.
Mon., 9/29: JOURNAL: Summarize the Great Compromise. Feel free to look at 3.1 if you need to. Then write how it compares to a compromise or compromises you have made in your own life.


Fri., 9/26: Get and do 3.1 about the Constitutional Convention. Show me.
OPTION ONE: Write about plans you've made that worked out well and were successful. If you have any plans for the future, feel free to write those: what the steps are and how you will accomplish them.
OPTION 2: Watch
Patriotism is important for any nation. Should school attempt to get kids liking the USA? Or should it be more concerned about critical thinking? Or both? Explain why you're right. Include why people who think differently would think what they think.

Thurs., 9/25: JOURNAL: Read the article of random econ research. Pick one item and summarize in your own words in one sentence. Tell how you have or have not observed this in real life. Is there an explanation? Do you "buy" the explanation? Tell how this knowledge could or could not be put to use in real life, or how it could affect the future ('implications"). Repeat if you like.

Weds., 9/24: nothing to make up

Tues., 9/23: JOURNAL:• What, if anything, do you think you learn from films in school that you don't get from reading and remembering facts?
• Do you think this film has expanded your understanding of what went into declaring independence from Britain? (If not,that's FINE, tell why.)
• Etc.: Other thoughts on this film in particular. . . .

Mon., 9/22: JOURNAL: John Dickinson says leaving Britain would be leaving all sorts of great tradition and the greatest empire on earth. Franklin says Americans are a new race needing a new nation. • Which do you think is the better argument?
• Was Independence treason or patriotism?
• Knowing yourself and your personality (how conservative or rebellious you are) would you have been a Loyalist (stay with Britain) or a Patriot (break free)?
• Would you have stayed true to your opinion if it meant losing your property and/or life?


Fri., nothing to make up unless you can find 1776, the film, online and watch the first 34 minutes of it.

Thurs., 9/18: TEST on history (2.1-2.3); you get through next Thurs. to do it before or after school.
JOURNAL: Watch or read some news. Summarize. Write a thought or two. Then write the imlications: how it could affect (or not) the future somehow. Repeat if necessary.

Weds., 9/17: JOURNAL: "Free Write": Write about any rules/enforcement you've seen or been involved in lately. OR about any trades/money exchanges you've seen/been involved in lately.

Also, do practice sheet and show me.

Tues., 9/16: 2.3; do it and show me.Get study guide for Thurs.'s test.
JOURNAL: Try to write about plans you've made that didn't work out so well. Was the plan doomed from the start, or did things just not work out well? What could you have done differently to make the plan work better? Remember to write "private" if you stay on topic but don't want me or my assistant reading.

Mon., 9/15:
JOURNAL: NOT 3RD HOUR After reading the Declaration of Independence:
Make some observations: think some thoughts about its thoughts and writing. Does it make you feel anything? Why or why not? Think about the signatures and the people who signed it. What about the look/layout of the original? Make some observations or write some thoughts about its look/vibe.


Fri., 9/12:
What would be some advantages if you declared independence from your parents/guardian and lived on your own? Disadvantages? How would it go for you if you went home today, listed some complaints you have against them, and then declared your independence? If you became independent, what would be your next actions to take?

Also: Get and do 2.2 Show me.

Thurs., 9/11: Write some thoughts or observations about the President's address
• Summarize if you like.
• Does he make a good case? Inspiring? Depressing? Scary? Hopeful?
• You may write about style things too if you like (personality, tone of voice, the "set," suit, tie, etc.).
• Any thoughts you have about Mr. Obama, our elected employee who has a TON of power.

Weds., 9/10. Read or watch some things about the iphone 6 and Apple Watch with Apple Pay.
JOURNAL: Write about iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Think economics ($ and business).
• Bigger screen/battery to compete with Samsung and because Asia uses phones instead of laptops: Good idea? Too big? Being a follower? Etc.?
• Apple Watch and Apple Pay: Cool "watch" that many people will feel it's worth money for? Or nah? Will Apple Pay make wallets go away?
• Design/style/look of the Watch: You likey or no?
• Any of these products/services appeal to you? Why/not?
• Etc.

Tues., 9/9: QUIZ on 1.1 and 1.2.Also, get and do 2.1.
Mon., 9/8: JOURNAL: OK, so we heard last week about ISIS, an extreme Muslim group trying to take over Northern Iraq and Syria. This is a good way to bring up how "interventionist" you think the US should be.
ISIS has beheaded two Americans. They are causing instability in that area. They have mass-murdered people of religions who don't believe as they do.
SO . . .
• Should "we the people of the US" take action against them?
• Explain why or why not. Go deep.
• If "yes": to what extent or how should we oppose them?
• Then write what someone who DISAGREES would say, and why they might think that.
• Etc. Anything else about foreign "involvement."

ALSO: Get a practice chart on forms of government, do it and show me.


Fri., 9/5:
One day at the start of first hour, Mr. Leisenring says, "For a social experiment, today no school rules and procedures are in effect."
People can’t violate state laws. (So they must attend school, and people can’t hurt each other or steal stuff.) But there are no school rules for a day.
Describe how the day goes.

* Also, Read and do 1.2, Forms of Government
Thurs., 9/4:
Get journal instruction sheet. Read. Sign and give back the bottom.
Do people really need governing (controlling/limiting)?
- Do rules and enforcement make people act better? Think about speeding, tardies, murder, etc.
- Or, could people pretty much be counted on to act well and cooperate without rules?
Or is it a bit of both?
Give examples and reasoning.

Weds., 9/3: Read and do 1.1.

Tues., 9/2:Read the rules on the front wall of the classroom. Memorize the address for this website.
HOMEWORK: Bring a single-subject, spiral-bound notebook by THURSDAY. Do THIS.