Thurs., 5/29: Review E3.
Weds., 5/28 Review E2.
Tues., 5/27: Review E1.


Fri., nothing to make up.

Thurs., 5/22: Read school board article aobut changes for next year. Get questions and answer on a separate sheet beautifully in sentences.

Weds. 5/21: group activity, nothing to make up

Tues., 5/20: TEST on S3.

Mon., 5/19: Get study guide/practice for S3 Test coming on Tues.

Week 6 . . .

Fri., 5/16: JOURNAL: Write cogently and coherently about school as we know it: how it succeeds, how it falls short in preparing people to be competent citizens upon graduation. You might want to define what you consider "competent citizen" before you evaluate how well school does. (In other words, what should the end result be? Then, how well does school accomplish that?)

Thurs., 5/15: nothing to make up

Weds., 5/14: JOURNAL: Go to OR OR OR Poke around, explore, find out stuff. Then write about what you find/learn in your JOURNAL.

Tues., 5/13: JOURNAL: What do you think of the part of the ordinance I gave you? Reasonable? Or an infringement of liberty? Anything in there you didn't know? What do you wonder about after reading?

Mon., 5/12: Get S3.1, Local Govt. Basics.

Part one: Watch video on recent Supreme Court decision. Write what you think of their 5-4 decision and how you would have voted, had you been a justice.
Part two: after reading article: what do you think of the point the man is trying to make? Does he "have a leg to stand on"? What do you think of him?

Week 5 . . .

FRI., 5/9

If absent, do an open topic entry about current events.

JOURNAL (1st, 3rd, 5th hours):
What do you think about the system the school tried? The results we saw? Should/could we do that here? Why/not? Why do you think the rewards work for the one kid and not the other? How DO you "move the E-kids" (F-kids in our school)? Etc.

6th hour: Crackonomics:
1. Re-cap/summarize the segment you saw.
2. If being a foot soldier in a gang was such a bad job, why do you suppose so many people would be attracted to it? Dr. Levitt says economically (not morally) being in a gang was probably the "right choice"? Thoughts?
3. And/or: NEW human-made DNA!! What does this mean for the world? Govt? Econ?

THURS., 5/8

1st, 3rd, 5th hours:
JOURNAL: "Freakonomics":
IF absent do an open topic journal about current events.
1. Re-cap/summarize the segment you saw.
2. If being a foot soldier in a gang was such a bad job, why do you suppose so many people would be attracted to it? Dr. Levitt says economically (not morally) being in a gang was probably the "right choice"? Thoughts?
3. What do you think of this approach of applying economics to an area we wouldn't usually think of applying it to? What other areas of life could you think of economically (analyzing trade-offs and payoffs)?

6th hour:
JOURNAL: "Freakonomics":
IF absent do an open topic journal about current events.
1. Re-cap/summarize the segment(s) you saw.
2. What do you think about the system the school tried? The results we saw? Should/could we do that here? Why/not? Why do you think the rewards work for the one kid and not the other?
3. What do you think of this approach of applying economics to an area we wouldn't usually think of applying it to? What other areas of life could you think of economically (analyzing trade-offs and payoffs)?

Weds., 5/7: JOURNAL: Write about the doing of the project (interaction with others); generalities and specifics you learned about your county; things you learned about other counties; and about MI in general.

Mon/Tues., heard county presentations.

WEEK 4 . . .

Thurs/Fri,, worked on counties project.

Weds., 4/30: QUIZ on S2 (counties).

Tues., 4/29, Be prepared for quiz on S2 on Weds,

Mon., 4/28, Get S2.

WEEK 3 . . .

Tues - Thurs: worked on project

Mon., 4.21: Get project instructions and form into groups and claim your county.

WEEK 2 . . .

Thurs., nothing to make up

Weds., 4/16: Take TEST on Michigan basics.

JOURNAL: Read article about ICP. What government issues do you see at play? What economic issues? Juggaloes: a "gang" that deserves attention from the FBI? Or just a bunch of people? Other thoughts/feelings . . .

Tues., 4/15: Get 1.4 about courts; do and show me.
Get article about year-round schooling: JOURNAL: Write some pros and cons first. Then: IF you were an adult and IF Escanaba were eligible for this money, would you recommend our school board to try to get some of the money and experiment with year-round schooling here? Why or why not?

Mon., 4/14: Get S1.3 about Michigan's executive branch. Do and show me.
Get STUDY GUIDE for Weds's coming TEST.
JOURNAL: Please write your thoughts and remembrances of your experience with John St. Augustine. If you were not present, write about anything fit for school. Remember you may write "personal" or "private" across the top if it is too personal.

WEEK 1 (yes, "one"!) . . .

Fri., 4/11: Get the directions in the yellow box and make a fill-in-the-blank quiz based on Michigan's executive departments. Give me ASAP for points. No journal.

THURS., 4/10: nothing to make up

Weds., 4/9, Get and do S1.2, about the legislative branch; show me when done.

Tues., 4/8:
Go online and find out about the state capitol and look at pictures/videos.
JOURNAL (not 3rd hour):
BE the Capitol building in Lansing. Tell some visiting 3rd graders of Michigan about yourself (how you were built, your structure and decoration); and what you see/hear going on inside you (legislative branch doings).

Mon., 4/7: JOURNAL: Answer items #1 and 2 from the notesheet S1.1, using lots of explaining. You may continue by writing how you feel about living in Michigan.


Fri., 3/28: snowsnowsnow

Thurs., 3/27: TEST on E5, Real Life Econ.

Weds., 3/26: Watch VIDEO. Get E5.3 notesheet; do the practice and show me.

Tues., 3/25: Watch VIDEO. And this VIDEO too.Get E5.2 notesheet and do practice.
JOURNAL: Write what you think about different kinds of investing and whether and what kinds you will use: savings, stocks, bonds? (Or maybe others: real estate, gold, art, etc.??). A lot of it depends on how comfortable you are with risk; be sure to discuss that -- everyone's different in that regard.

Mon., 3/24: Watch VIDEO. Get E5.1 note sheet from yellow box and do the practice questions and show me if you're unsure.
Write about any of the news stories you heard today: summarize, the write if it's important and how it might or might not affect the future.
• us and Europe doing more economic sanctions v. Russia
• Russia maybe gonna annex more of Ukraine: what to do about it if anything
• missing plane search in middle of Indian Ocean
• Scotland possibly leaving
• square-mile mudslide
• students trained for CPR
• crocodile eating camera


Fri., 3/21: JOURNAL (3-6th HOURS): Do the topic listed below (Thursday):

Thurs., 3/20: Finish viewing "Jobs."
JOURNAL (ONLY 1st HOUR ON THURS): So, what do you think? Does the way he lived, and his attitude inspire you? Or is he kind of a turn off, the way he treated people? Etc. Overall review, should I show it again?

Weds., 3/19:
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." - S Jobs

JOURNAL: 1. Agree or disagree with the above quote; 2. Explain why. 3. Give examples from your or others' lives you have seen. Etc.

Tues., 3/18: Watch "Jobs," first 40 minutes.
JOURNAL: Assume the movie is fairly accurate. From what you've seen about his character so far, what about him would enable him to become a business giant? What do you learn/observe about the early computing industry? Make some predictions about the film if you like.

Mon., 3/17:
JOURNAL: Analyze journaling in terms of economics (trade-offs and payoffs). What do they cost you? What do they gain you? What do they cost me? What do they gain me? Are those good trades? Think some original thoughts not prompted by me?

WEEK 7 . . .

Fri., 3/14: Get and do overall E4 Practice. Check with a friend or show me when done.

Thurs., 3/13: JOURNAL: NOT 3RD OR 6TH:
• READ article about "The Creative Monopoly":
• Please summarize Mr. Brooks' main point. Explain why you think he does or doesn't make his point well. Feel free to quote him.
• What do you think of his description of school? Should we be training you to be more creative and independent? Or is competition the way to go, for the good of the US economy?

Also, get E4.4 with E4 study guide on the back.

Weds., 3/12:
JOURNAL: NOT 3rd HOUR: What do you "get" from what you've seen about China today and Monday? How do they compare to us, economically and culturally? You can include some specifics; also try to make some big conclusions or generalities.

Also, get notes on comparative v. absolute advantage

Tues., 3/11:
JOURNAL: (NOTE: I am not trying to make you like other systems, just trying to make you think.) What would be advantages to living in a traditional economy? What would be advantages to living under socialism? If you could choose where to be born, would you choose a traditional economy, socialism, or free-market capitalism? Explain.

Also E4.2; do and show me.

Mon., 3.10: Get E4.1. do, and show me.

JOURNAL: Write thoughts/observations during "China" video, first 20 minutes. Bullet points are fine; do the word count as always.

WEEK 6 . . .

Fri., 3/7: nothing to make up

Tues - Thurs., MME testing

Mon., 3/3: TEST, E3.

WEEK 5 . . .

Weds., 2/26: Get and do E3.5. Get and do hand-drawn practice sheet. Show me when done.

Tues., 2/25 NOT 1st or 3rd HOURS:
JOURNAL: Write about what you think economically of the military cuts or food price hikes. How will either of these affect the economy and/or your life? Then write about any of the other stories (CNN Student News) you would like to.

Mon., 2/24: JOURNAL: Read about the Girl Scout who sold many cookies. Is this brilliant business? Or inappropriate location? What broader lessons can we take from this? Etc.

Get STUDY GUIDE for Thurs's upcoming test on Unit E3.

Get and do E3.4: MONETARY POLICY. Show me.

WEEK 4 . . .

Thurs., 2/20: JOURNAL: Write about your plans so that you are NOT unemployed when you become a full adult. Are you doing anything now to prepare for that? How well do you think EHS is helping you in your preparations?
Get and do E3.3 about fiscal policy. Show me.

Weds., 2/19: Get and read E3.2; do "gorilla" E3 practice and show me.
6th HOUR, show me gorilla practice for points!
Here is the website we looked at for job projections, 2022.

3rd Hour: Do yesterday's journal (legal marijuana biz in Colorado).

TUES., 2/18: Get and do E3.1.
JOURNAL: NOT 3rd: Summarize the article about legal marijuana and business in a sentence or two. Then write coherent thoughts about it. Think especially about implications for the future and the economy. What do you think of the risks/trad-offs compared to the potential payoffs of this business?


Fri., 2/14: Write about the economics of Valentine's Day, i.e. choices: choices involving money, time, stuff, emotion, etc.
Also, short test on E2, "Govt. Involvement in the Market."

Thurs., 2/13: JOURNAL (NOT 5/6 hours): Michigan provides a public good called k-12 education. What would you think of lowering state taxes and just having people send their kids to private schools, where they'd have to pay tuition? Pros? Cons? How would you do in such a system?

Get and read E2.3, about state involvement in the market.

Get and do E2 overall practice.

Weds., 2/12: JOURNAL: Read "Flappy" article. Write coherent thoughts about the Flappy Bird controversy. Some possibilities:
• The spike in demand in 2014: why?
• The creator's choice to pull it.
• The creator seeming to care about more than money.
• Etc.

also: Get and read E2.2.

also: Get E2 STUDY GUIDE for Friday's TEST.

Mon., 2/10: Read pro and con article on minimum wage.
JOURNAL: If you were in Congress and it came to a vote, how would you vote on raising the minimum wage to $10.10? Which of the specific pieces of support you read, best support your view? How would you respond to a criticism of your vote from the opposing side? Etc?

Also get E2.1, do, and show me. (6th HOUR, this is homework for points).

WEEK 2 . . .

Fri., SHORT TEST on E1.1-1.4. No journal.

Thurs., 2/6: Get and do E1.4, "The Market." Show me. No journal. Get ready for Friday's short test on all E1.

Weds., 2/5: JOURNAL: View Coke Ad. Read article about a controversy about it.
1. Re. the ad itself: What feeling(s) is Coke trying to make people feel and associate with Coke?
1b. Is there any thought or idea Coke is trying to get people to associate with Coke?
1c. From what you know of the world, will this ad lead some people to buy Coke?
2. About the controversy: does the ad seem divisive (dividing people) to you?
2b. Should Coke have had people sing in English?
2c. Any other thoughts/comments?

Also, get study guide for Friday's TEST on E1.1-E1.4.

Also, get and do E1.3, Law of Demand.

Tues., 2/4: JOURNAL: Read the article about the ammo shortage and how companies are trying to increase supply. Do you buy the argument that it is just natural demand and the government is not stockpiling? Does it seem wise for companies to step up production? What else could be driving up demand and the price people are willing to pay for ammunition?

Also, get and do E1.2, about the Law of Supply.

Mon., 2/3: JOURNAL: What are some good trades you have made (including trading $ for something)? What are some bad ones? What are some future trades (including purchases) you would like to make in the future?

Also get and do E1.1, about choices and opportunity cost.

WEEK 1 . . .

Fri., 1/31:
America tried to be "isolationist" for much of its history, NOT getting involved in world affairs much.
WWII changed that. NOW we get involved in just about anything that happens (Libya, Syria, Iran, N. Korea, Euro money crisis, etc. etc.) That is called being "interventionist." (As in, "intervening" a lot.)
• Do you fall more on the isolationist ("don't get involved with foreign affairs") side?
• Or on the interventionist side (getting involved, so things go "our" way)?
• Or both? Or neither?
• Do some 'splaining and try to use real examples you have heard of.

Also, get and do 12.2. Show me when done.

Thurs., 1/30: JOURNAL: Get editorial (opinion article) about the US and Iran.
Mr. O and the State Department negotiated with Iran so that we ease up a bit on sanctions (punishments) on them and they will back off on refining Uranium.
Your article seems to have a different point of view.
• Summarize its point of view. Then, write what YOU think:
• Should the US ease up on the sanctions and see if Iran cooperates?
• Or should the US keep applying the sanctions and maybe do military action to keep them from building a nuclear bomb? Explain.

Weds., 1/29: Get 12.1, do and show me; Show me your NEW single-subject, spiral bound notebook for journaling.

Week 9 . . .

Fri., 1/17: Read article on predictions for 2014: Pick one or several and write what you think, with an eye towards its implications on real life in the future if it comes true.

Thurs., 1/16: JOURNAL: How safe do you feel here and why? What should governments (school districts, states, fed) do to keep kids safer? Anything they should not do?

Also: Test on "Other Stuff" in politics (unit 11)

WEDS., 1/15:
JOURNAL: (Read article: "Don't Trust Your Instincts.") Mr. Stossel, a libertarian thinks getting more people to vote is unwise. Agree or disagree, and give your reasoning.
Should we have a test or something, to see if people “know enough” to vote? What about his economics-of-making-a-bad-mistake argument (second full par. on the back)? Do you buy that? Etc.

Also, get study guide for Thurs.'s TEST on 11.1-3.
Also, get EXAM study guide.

Tues., 1/14: Get and do 11.3. Show me when done.

Mon., 1/13: JOURNAL: Read the Snowden article for sure. Others are optional. Does Snowden deserve a pardon? Hero or villain or inbetween? WHY? Explain thyself. IF you want to, you can also write about the sidebar articles.
ALSO - Invent five quiz questions on 11.1 - 11.2.

Week 8 . . .

Fri., 1/10: Get and do 11.2 about special interest groups in politics. Show me when done.

Take the test on whether you're liberal or conservative. Write about the taking of the test and the results. Did your results turn out the way you thought they would? Had you thought of yourself as liberal or conservative before? What or who has shaped your opinions to be as they are? Does any of the parties rock your socks? Etc.

Weds., 1/8:
Get 11.1, do and show me.
Take a survey to see if you're liberal or conservative or in the middle somewhere.

WEEK 7 . . .

Fri., 12/20: nothing to make up

Thurs., 12/19: JOURNAL: Read/watch some news. Summarize what you hear and write some coherent thoughts. Especially try to write some implications of what you hear (how it could affect the future).

WEDS., 12/18 Rights Quiz II
JOURNAL: Read the article about the rockin' church.
Summarize the two sides in the dispute. Do you believe citizens have a fundamental human right to peace and quiet in our neighborhoods? If you were a federal district judge and the church/pastor filed a motion to have the "ticket" thrown out, would you rule in favor of the church's religious rights, or in favor of the nearby citizens? Why?

Tues., 12/17; get STUDY GUIDE for Rights Quiz II;
get 7.6, do and show me

Mon., 12/16, nothing to make up

WEEK 6 . . .

Fri., 12/13: Get and do "More Practice." Show me when done.

Thurs., 12/12:
Get and do 7.5.
HERE is the video. Username is lynchonline; password is online.
Begin watching at 16:10 to the end. Or begin with the segment on rights of the accused and go to the end.

Weds., 12/11: Get and do 7.4. Show Mr. Pat or check it with a classmate when done.

Read the case about schools searching your stuff.
JOURNAL: 1. Restate the facts. 2. Restate the reasoning used by TLO's lawyers and by the state of New Jersey. 2. How would you vote if you were a judge, and why? 3. I will let Mr. Pat tell you how the Supreme Court voted, but I will tell you they ruled that schools do not need "probable cause" to search you. School officials only need "reasonable suspicion" of wrongdoing, in order to search you. What do you make of that? Do you see a need for us to have a lower bar to search than police do, to search citizens outside school? Or no? See any problems with the phrase "reasonable suspicion"? Have fun.

Tues., 12/10: QUIZ on 1st amendment rights.

Read article, "Censorship 101."
JOURNAL: 1. I censored a word I know you know (rhymes with rubies) because I don't need that one parent making a stink because I handed out an article with a naughty word.
2. How is the current case similar to and different from Tinker v. Des Moine you read about last week (the Vietnam armbands one)? Care to make any predictions on this one?
3. What is the author's larger point of view about student speech in school? Restate some of the support she gives.
4. Where do YOU think the line should be drawn as far as restricting student speech in school? Or SHOULD there be any restriction?

WEEK 5 . . .

Fri., 12/6 nothing to make up; remember quiz on Tues on 7.1-7.3

Thurs., 12/5: Read the case about students wearing protest armbands. This is a huge case that affects you here. JOURNAL: Restate the case in about a paragraph. Then answer the questions. If you need more words write about how you think student expression is handled here, and why administrators might feel a need to restrict student expression.

Also, Get STUDY GUIDE for Tues.'s quiz.
Also, get and do 7.3.

Weds, 12/4. Watch video here, up through the part on "decent" speech. Login is lynchonline. Password is online.

Also, read article about the case of the godly cheerleaders.
JOURNAL: This is an "establishment" case. Due to amendments 1 and 14, public schools (a form of government) may not promote a religion. Official school activities may not. Students on their OWN certainly may, however, if they don't interfere with school. But schools officially may not, according to the Supreme Court many times over. SO . . .
Restate the basics of the case in a paragraph or so. Then state how you would rule if you were a federal judge. Are the girls, as cheerleaders an official function of the school? If so, then the banners go. If they are just students making banners about what their beliefs say, the banners may stay! How would you rule and why? Tie it in with the 1st and 14th if you can. Gee I wish I were here for this!

Tues., 12/3:
JOURNAL: Read the court case about the pledge. Answer the questions in your journal. If you need more words you can add your thoughts about the current MI law and its effects on patriotism etc. (You will not be able to look up the outcome as it says in one of the questions, number three, I think. Mr. Pat will tell you what the Court decided and why, after you're done writing. Make sure to thank him for helping you be smarter!)

Also get 7.2,
do it and check it with your substitute teacher or classmate who already did it.

Mon., 12/2: JOURNAL: Read the Bill of Rights. Write things you notice about it. These could be very boring observations or things you find interesting or odd, like rights you didn't know of, or ways things are worded. Also, write any questions it makes you think of.

Also get 7.1, do it and check it with your substitute teacher or classmate who already did it.

WEEK 4 . . .

Tues., 11/26: QUIZ: NOT 5th or 6th: Write five things you remember from the video on Puritans, Pilgrims, and the first Thanksgiving. You may use notes. Use real sentences. iF YOU WERE ABSENT, YOU'LL HAVE TO READ ABOUT THANKSGIVING from a book or online. GIVE ME WHEN DONE.

Mon., 11/25:
I. Get Core Democratic Values sheet. Choose four you'd like to illustrate.
II. Fold large paper into quadrants. In each quadrant, write the name of the value, write a brief explanation IN YOUR OWN WORDS, then illustrate it as best you can.
III. Put name on the back Affix it to the wall outside my door. Straight. With tape loops on the back.

WEEK 3 . . .

Fri., 11/22: JOURNAL: Go online to a reputable site and read/watch about the Kennedy assassination. Summarize it, and write things you didn't know before. Stay away from conspiracy sites unless you want to critique the theory for how plausible it seems, strengths/weaknesses of it, etc.

Thurs., 11/21: QUIZ on judicial branch
JOURNAL (NOT 3rd/5th/6th): Write about things you heard in the news today or other things you might have heard recently. You can restate the facts as you know them. And, try to write implications (how it might affect the future, including our daily lives).

Weds., 11/20: JOURNAL: A new Michigan law will now allow you to take two of your six classes online, from any school in Michigan that will accept you, for free. Our district would send that district 1/12 of the money we get for you (about $600) per semester class.
And if students chose to take Esky classes, we would get 1/12 of that kid's money!
Please write pros and cons to this, and whether this would be a good thing for you and your learning style.

Also, create five questions based on 6.1-2. Make a separate answer key.

Tues., 11/19. Get 6.2, do, and show me. Use your own brain or it doesn't help you learn the stuff.

JOURNAL: Read the "Upfront" Article about Supreme Court cases and teens. Pick one case, retell the story and write whether you agree with the Court's decision and why. Remember though you are a teen now, most of your life you won't be. If you need more words, do another case.

Mon., 11/18: Get 6.1, do, and show me. Use your own brain or it doesn't help you learn the stuff.

WEEK 2 . . .

Thurs., 11/14:
Read article about colleges reading applicants' social media accounts

Weds., 11/13: NOT 1st or 3rd: JOURNAL: Anything having to do with rules and their enforcement; or trade/business/$.

Tues., 11/12/13:
What is your opinion on the Supreme Court’s Gideon decision (people should be appointed a free lawyer, for a fair trial)?
If Gideon had been guilty, would that affect your opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision?
Why do you suppose the title is "Gideon's Trumpet"?
Do an overall review of the movie. Give it a letter grade compared to other school movies and explain. Should or shouldn’t I show it next year?

Mon., 11/11:
Gideon Day Two
Go to YouTube and watch segments 4-7 of "Gideon's Trumpet."
JOURNAL: (NOT 3rd HOUR) How is the Supreme Court different from a trial court? What do you think about nine unelected people (the justices) voting to decide what your rights are, and what the government can’t do to you? Good plan? Think of anything better?


Thurs., 11/7: Go to YouTube and watch the first three 10-minute segments of the film, "Gideon's Trumpet."
JOURNAL Gideon day one: How would you decide, if you were on the jury, and why? What would be hard about defending yourself in court w/o a lawyer? Should people who can’t afford one be given an attorney? Why/not? Make some predictions.

Weds., 11/6: TEST on executive branch.
JOURNAL: as open as journals ever get in here: Write about anything having to do with rules and their enforcement; or trade/money/business. You may definitely write about things form your own life lately.

TUES., 11/5: JOURNAL: What do you make of all this money talk? Restate the facts as you know them. Is the yearly deficit that bad? Should we have a balanced budget? Is the $17T debt a bad thing, or a minor expense, paying off old debt as it comes due? Write more about money and the government.

Also 3 and 6th hours get 5.4 and 5.5 (just some charts). Show me 5.4 when done.

ALL CLASSES, there's some extra practice in the bin if you'd like to do it. It will help you learn stuff on the test for this unit.

MON., 11/4: JOURNAL: Write about any personal experience with debt. Then address any or all: When might it be good to borrow? When bad? Why do people borrow so much using credit cards? Etc.

Also, get study guide for Weds.'s TEST on unit 5.

1st and 5th hours get 5.4. 1st hour get 5.5 also.


Fri., 11/1: Go HERE. Get directions for journaling in the yellow box.

Thurs., 10/31: Get and do 5.3 The Bureaucracy, and show me when done. No new journal

Weds., 10/30 JOURNAL: Ok, the Founding Fathers didn’t trust us rabble to pick a good president, so they have the “smart” electors there in case we screw up.

But, what do you think of the whole Electoral College way of picking the Pres. Good idea? Bad? Would you change it if you could? To what?

Also, do 5.2 about the electoral college; show me when done.

Tues., 10/29: JOURNAL: Think about what you heard on the video, and from what you already know from life:Would you like to be President? Why/not? Pros and cons of the job? Would you be a good one? Etc.

Mon., 10/28: JOURNAL: What are the most important personal qualities you think are important for a president to have (for example, intelligence, knowledge, tenacity, humor, honesty, normalcy, etc, etc.)? From what you can tell, give Mr. Obama numerical ratings in the characteristics you considered most important.

Also, get and do 5.1 on the Presidency and show me when done.


Fri., 10/25
nothing to make up for points

Thurs., 10/24: Use link below to finish the movie.
JOURNAL: (NOT 5th HOUR) Summarize the overall theme or message of the film. How well did the film do at making the point? What were the film's strengths? Weaknesses? Please give an overall letter grade and explain whether I should show it next year.

Weds., 10/23:
Watch movie up until the point of one hour, 41 min. ("Quorum call!").

JOURNAL: (NOT 5th HOUR) This movie implies that rich, powerful people or companies have a big influence on our government. How much do you think that is true nowadays, and why do you think that? Then evaluate your predictions so far and make some more.

Tues., 10/22: Watch another 30:00 or so of movie (link below).
Mr. Smith wants to put his camp right where the others in his party want to sell land at a huge profit to the govt. Write your thoughts and feelings about what you've seen so far. Evaluate your first predictions; make some more. Etc.

Mon., 10/21:
View the first 26:00 or so of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

JOURNAL: What do you make of the character being named “Jefferson Smith”? Do you think an innocent “newbie” could go off to Lansing or Washington and make a difference? Make some predictions.


Fri., 10/18: JOURNAL: Write things that would make school "better" in your humble opinion. However, you can't bring down student achievement.

TEST on Legislative Branch: Make up within one week.

Thurs., 10/17: Still getting ready for Fri.'s Legislative Branch TEST.
Also: Read Esky's bullying policy; write three good things about it; three things that could be improved; and three questions it makes you think of.

Weds., 10/16: Do 4.4 Big Review and show me.

Tues., 10/15: Get and do 4.3, How a Bill Becomes a Law, and show me.

JOURNAL: Read article about changing Michigan's anti-bullying law. What are the pro's of adding cyberbullying? What are the con's? Which do you think are stronger, the pro's or con's? Explain.

Mon., Get and do 4.2, Structure of Congress.


Thurs., 10/10: JOURNAL: Would you like to be a legislator (or maybe a legislator's aide)? You would be involved in writing/passing/defeating bills, being in hearings,meeting with constituents (people from your district), raising money to get re-elected, running in elections, going to many meetings, etc. Would this be great, terrible, or in between? Why? What parts sound better/worse than others?

Weds., 10/9: JOURNAL: Laws are generally to prohibit something or require someone to do something. Think of some new laws that would be good to have. Or, write about laws that should be changed or abolished. Explain thyself! (Some areas to think about: driving, food, safety, school, substances, business, taxes, etc.).

Get and do 4.1 Legislative Branch Basics and show me.

Tues., 10/8: We did fun stuff, but nothing to make up for POINTS.

Mon., 10/7: View "Temper Tantrum" and attack ads. What is the main point of each? How well does each make its point? Will each ad sway people, in your opinion? Why or why not? Which do you think does the better job at motivating people to be against its target? Etc.

Week 5

Fri., 10/4: JOURNAL: Write your thoughts about anything in the news today or lately. (shutdown; hurricane coming; World Cup and Qatar; jellyfish invasion in Sweden; new stormwater treatment plant; boy with cerebral palsy who walked; shooter/driver in DC) Try to write "implications" of things, or how they could affect the future.

Thurs., 10/3: TEST; get instructions for PROJECT DUE OCT. 14 if you're not in a group that got directions today.

Weds., 10/2. Get and do practice sheet. Study for test.

Also, 6th hour, get 3.3, do, and show me.

Tues., 10/1: JOURNAL: What do you make of all this federal "government shutdown" news? How important do you think it is? Is it worth shuttin' down the govmt. to stop the health care law? From what you know, will this affect your life? What are you confused about? Etc.

ALSO: 1st, 3rd, and 6th hours, get 3.3, do and show me when done.

Mon., 9/30: nothing to make up; do make sure to get the study guide for Thurs.'s test on Constitution basics.

Week 4

Fri., 9/27: JOURNAL: Arguments! Write about good ones, bad ones you've had, how they got settled (if they did). Are arguments generally good or bad things? Explain. Etc.

Also, get 3.2; do and show me.

Thurs., 9/26: JOURNAL: Tell, in your own words, the Constitutional Convention: when and why; the Const.'s main ideas; the compromises the delegates came up with and why; and why they left w/o a bill of rights. Yes, you can look at 3.1, but use your own words.

Weds., 9/25: JOURNAL: Write about when you’ve had to make compromises. With whom? Wdehy? Were you satisfied with the outcome? How do they compare to the compromises the “framers” (writers of the Constitution) made?

Also, get and do 3.1. Show me.

Tues., 9/24: JOURNAL: Read Doritos Locos article. I've never used this article before, so write interesting, coherent thoughts about what you read. You may also think up questions I could use next year.

Also: TEST on 2.1-2.3. Make up by next Tues., before or after school.

Mon., 9/23: no journal; get optional practice sheet if you want to and show me when done.

Week 3

Fri., 9/20:
JOURNAL: (NOT 6th HOUR) Economics is all about choices. Trade-offs and payoffs. Write about some of the choices people make during Homecoming involving money, time, activities, schoolwork, etc. Why do some people choose to get all into it, and others don't seem to?

Also, create seven quiz questions based on 2.1 - 2.3. They can be matching, true-false, or fill-in-the blank. Make a separate answer key. Do it with a partner who also was absent, if you wish.

Thurs., 9/19: JOURNAL: You’re principal at a school with no Homecoming festivities. Students propose a week like what we do here, but you worry about anarchy.
Do you agree to it? Explain why or why not. Remember: LEARNING is your prime concern. Try to tie in government or economic ideas.

Also, get study guide for Tues.'s TEST.

Also, get and do 3.2 about a couple of last historical documents to know about. Show me when done.

Weds., 9/18: JOURNAL: After reading the Declaration of Independence:
Make some observations: think some thoughts about its thoughts and writing. Does it make you feel anything? Why or why not? Think about the signatures and the people who signed it. What about the look/layout of the original? Make some observations or write some thoughts about its look/vibe.

Tues., 9/17: Constitution Day! Go here; play once; then sing along as you play it again.

Mon., 9/16:
JOURNAL: Write "Week 3."
Would you like to be independent of your parents? Advantages? Disadvantage? How would it go if you went home today, listed some complaints you have with them, and then declared your independence from them?

Also, get and do infosheet 2.2. Show me when done.


Fri., 9/13: JOURNAL: Write the history of your first fortnight (two weeks) of school. Try to write some big ideas/themes, not just random details. Like, classes, friends, sports/activities, highs, lows, etc.

Thurs., 9/12:
JOURNAL: Read article. Please state the author's opinion. Write a couple ideas or phrases the author uses to make his case. What do you think of Apple's idea to keep the price high but offer COLORS?!! Based on what you know of the world, is that a good strategy, or should they offer a cheaper iPhone? Explain thyself, wot wot.

Weds., 9/11: JOURNAL: Write what you know about "rights." What does that idea mean? List some you can think of (they often start with "freedom of. . .") Do you think your rights really are "God-given"? Or do you think they are an idea people thought up? Etc.

Get and read 2.1.

Tues., 9/10: QUIZ on 1.1 and 1.2

Mon., 9/9:
At the start of first hour, Mr. Leisenring says, “No school rules today."
You can’t violate state laws, so you must attend, and people can’t hurt each other or steal stuff, but there are no school rules. Describe how the day goes.


Fri., 9/6:
JOURNAL: The dictator of Syria used poison gas in the civil war there. Mr. Obama is asking Congress to back him in ordering our military to bomb targets there.
First, think of at least a couple of reasons why the Prez and many others would want us to do that.
Then, write your reasoning for why your Congressman, Dr. Benishek, should or should not vote to support the President.

Also, get and do 1.2. Show me.

Thurs., 9/5: Get "Journaling" handout; sign and give to me the bottom portion.
Show me your journal notebook so you get credit for it.
Do people really need controlling?
- Do rules and enforcement make people act better? Think about speeding, tardies, murder, etc.
- Or, could people pretty much be counted on to act well and cooperate without rules?
Or is it a bit of both?
Give examples and reasoning.

Weds., 9/4: Read and do 1.1; show me when done.

Tues., 9/3: Read and memorize to the core of your being the rules on the front wall of the classroom. Memorize the address for this website.