Week 8

Fri., nothing to make up

Thurs., nothing to make up

Weds., nothing to make up

Tues., 5/29: Get and do E4; show me.

Mon., 5/28: Get and do E3 practice part B.
Get exam study guide. Up to 10 pts extra credit based on how much you do; due on exam day. Feel free to write on separate paper.

Week 7

Fri., 5/24: Get exam study guide. Up to 10 pts extra credit based on how much you do; due on exam day. Feel free to write on separate paper.

Thurs., 5/23: Get and do E3 practice part A. Show me when done.

Weds., 5/22: Go to Find things that are happening or things about Esky you didn't know before. Write 10 of them in complete sentences. Make as nice as you can. Art it up, perhaps. No glitter!

Tues., 5/21: Get and do E2 practice; show me when done.

Mon., 5/18: We're beginning exam prep. I'd get organized if I were you, first.
Get and do unit E1 practice sheet; show me when done.

Week 6

Fri., 5/17: "Where Soldiers Come From": JOURNAL: Write a review of the movie. Start with a topic statement that is your general "take" or opinion. Then support with details/opinions and whether it has changed how you think or feel. Please assign a grade at the end, and whether I should show it next year.

Thurs., 5/16: JOURNAL: This film is called "Where Soldiers Come From." What if anything are you learning about "where soldiers come from" and what they are like? Other thoughts so far? Predictions?

Weds., 5/15: nothing to make up

Tues., 5/14: TEST on local government structure; read some news and create a seven-question quiz based on it.

Mon., 5/13 Get S3.3.
Get study guide for Tues.'s short-test; do practice part and show me.

Week 5

Fri., 5/10: 5 & 6th JOURNAL: Write thoughts about the time bank. Can you see yourself doing anything to be a part of it? Pros/cons? Etc.

A family is moving to the area; they want to live in a city and are trying to decide between Escanaba or Gladstone. Write to the family and explain which they should choose, and why.

Thurs., 5/9: Get Esky city govt. handout and practice; do and show me.

Weds., 5/8: JOURNAL (NOT 4th or 6th): Advantages of rural living; advantages of urban living. If you were to buy a house in Delta county, would you personally choose country or in-town? Why?

Tues., 5/7: Presentations or Elks; nothing to make up

Mon., 5/6: We saw presentations.

Week 4

Friday: 5/3: JOURNAL: read news about lunch decision and likely school cuts. Summarize. Write your thoughts and any possible solutions/alternatives you can think of.

Thurs., 5/2: JOURNAL: Think like a school board member: what could be good about having a closed campus lunch? Then write the cons. (Remember you're an adult for this topic!) As a board member, which would be stronger to you, the pros or cons?

Tues., 4/30: 6th, Do the topic below.

Mon., 4/29: JOURNAL (NOT 6TH) Read bitcoins article. Summarize what bitcoins are and how they work. Then, take a position on them (like, are they a good or cool thing or not). Then support that with evidence from the article or other relevant thoughts you think about them.

Week 3

Fri., 4/26: nothing to make up

Thurs., 4/25: worked on project

Weds., 4/24: get PROJECT instructions. QUIZ on counties.

Tues.., 4/23: Read UP secession article. The JOURNAL topic is the last line of the article, plus other thoughts, pros/cons of yours.

Mon., 4/22: JOURNAL: Best things about Delta County? What would you change if you could? Is that possible? Do you see yourself settling here when older?

Also, get S2 Counties notesheet, practice and show me. You can see a video of it here.

Week 2

Fri., 4/19:
News Assignment (not journal):

Find a newspaper or go online to a good news source.. Decide which article/feature you want to write about. Everybody reads it.

Option one: Write a letter to a person involved in the story/feature. Recap what the story is about, then tell the person your thoughts and/or ask questions. Be smart. Turn in good work.
Merely OK = C (7/10). Better = 8, 9, 10. Neatness, English, beauty, everything counts.

Option two: Write a poem/rap about the story. Four lines with good rhythm/rhyming = C (7/10). More = better.
Neatness, English, beauty, everything counts. Performing it might help grade too.

Due at end of hour.

Thurs., 4/18: Do the JOURNAL topic from Tuesday that you didn't do on that day. TEST on state govt.

Weds., 4/17: Get and do overall practice sheet on state govt.

Tues., 4/16:Get and do S1.4, judicial branch

JOURNAL: Are humans basically good with a few bad ones mixed in; or are we basically selfish/bad that gets limited through laws and civilization? Or both? Give examples?


JOURNAL: Of the five main functions of state government: If the state were going to eliminate one, which one could we most easily live without, and why? Which would be the hardest to live without and why?

Mon., 4/15: JOURNAL: Write about the economics (choices, gains, opportunity costs, etc.) of Prom. These do not have to be money based trades/choices.) If you didn't go, write from what you've heard.

Also get study guide for State Govt. test.
Also, get and do S1.3.

Week 1

Thurs., 4/11: Go here to see a list of MIchigan executive branch departments. Then make a fill in the blank quiz based on 10 of the departments. Decorate or make it cool to get more than a C grade. Here is a sheet that will give you some examples. Give to me when done, for 10 pts. maximum.

Weds., 4/10: Get and do state legislative branch notesheet S1.2.

Tues., 4/9: Go online and find out about the state capitol and look at pictures/videos.
BE the Capitol building in Lansing. Tell some visiting 3rd graders of Michigan about yourself (how you were built, your structure and decoration); and what you see/hear going on inside you (legislative branch doings).

Mon., 4/8: Write a history of your Spring Break. Think. Then begin with a topic sentence that is an overall summary. Support with details. Then do a concluding sentence. Voila.

Also get notesheet S1.1 about stets functions.

Week 9

Thurs., 3/28: nothing to make up

Weds., 3/27: TEST on Real Life Econ.

Tues., 3/26: 4&6 hours, do yesterday's journal. . .

Mon., 3/25:
(Iff writing about this troubles you, choose something else related to government or econ.)
JOURNAL: (ONLY 5th HOUR) The Supreme Court might rule that any state may define marriage as one man-one woman (basically outlawing same-sex marriage). Or it might rule that a ban violates the 14th amendment about equality, so same-sex marriage must be allowed. How do you hope the Court rules? Why? Why is your opinion right?

ALSO (all classes), get notesheet E5.3 on college econ.

Week 8

Fri., 3/22: Get notesheet E5.2 about banking and investment.

Thurs., 3/21: nothing to make up

Weds., 3/20: Get notesheet E5.1 about income taxes.

Tues., 3/19: QUIZ

I. Summarize Mr. Jobs' and Apple's attitude about America and American jobs.
II. If you led a big corporation, would you feel the same? Or would you build your things in America and just accept with the fact it would probably cost more and make your company less profit? Explain.
III. Compare what you read of Chinese workers to what you know of American workers.

Mon., 3/18: Get and do infosheet 4.4 about trade policies. Show me. It has the study guide for tomorrow's quiz. Using the study guide, invent five quiz questions and show me. (This is to help you review.)

Week 7

​Fri., 3/15: ​nothing to make up

Thurs., 3/14:Get, read, and do 4.3 on nations' comparative advantage.
JOURNAL (NOT 6th HOUR): What do you "get" from what you've seen about China the past three days? How do they compare to us, economically and culturally? You can include some specifics; also try to make some big conclusions or generalities.

Weds., 3/13: Read and do infosheet 4.2, on economic systems.
JOURNAL: (NOTE: I am not trying to make you like other systems, just trying to make you think.) What would be advantages to living in a traditional economy? What would be advantages to living under socialism? If you could choose where to be born, would you choose a traditional economy, socialism, or free-market capitalism? Explain.

Tues., 3/12: Read and do infosheet 4.1.
JOURNAL: Write thoughts/observations during "China" video, first 20 minutes.

Week 6

Friday, 3/8: JOURNAL: Write intelligent or interesting thoughts/comments about what you saw: Dow record highs; unemployment lowering; Sen. Rand Paul's filibuster; the future economy and jobs; growing artificial living ears; monkeys using money; potty training with M & M's.

Mon., 3/4: JOURNAL: Read or watch a news story about economics news. Summarize and write your own thoughts/feelings about it.

Week 5

Friday, 3/1 Quiz on macroeconomics.

Thurs., 2/8: Get and do E3.5. Show me when done.

Weds., 2/27: JOURNAL: by the time you're 30, what do you want "out of" life? Think family, things, job, status, anything. What are you doing now to make that happen? What do you want to "put into" life? What are you doing now to make that happen?

Get E3.4: The Federal Reserve. Do and show me.

Get study guide.

Tues., 2/26: JOURNAL: Read "Obama Cries Hamster." Answer the following in your journal. Count words as always.
1. In one full sentence, summarize what Mr. Will thinks about the upcoming sequester cuts.
2. List some details, remarks, or sentences that support your position about Mr. Will's main point.
3. Last week we read of 31,000 job cuts in Michigan if the sequester happens. How well does Mr. Will make his case to you that the sequester isn't that big a deal? Explain.
4. Write more coherent thoughts about this if you need to run up your word count.

Also: Get E3.3 about fiscal policy.

Mon., 2/25: Get and do E3.2 about the business cycle.

Week 4

Thurs., 2/21: JOURNAL: Read "sequester cuts" article. The sequester cuts will cost many people their jobs and likely send our economy into a recession because people won't have money to spend. BUT we're $16 trillion in debt and the cuts will help the debt stop growing.
Should Congress let the cuts happen? Or stop them from happening? Why? What would you do if you were in Congress?

Also: Get and do Infosheet E3.1: Leading Economic Indicators.

Weds., 2/20
Read "printable human organs" article; view video about 3D printed gun.
JOURNAL: Imagine a year or five from now.
- Write "3D printers [are or are not] a positive development for our society and economy."
- Then support with knowledge or good guesses about human behavior and economics.

Also: QUIZ E2: Government Involvement in the Market.

Week 3

Fri., 2/15:
JOURNAL: Find a good recent story in the newspaper or online: write a position about it, back up with support. Repeat if necessary.

Also: get and do overall E2 practice.

Thurs., 2/14:
JOURNAL: Valentine's Day: yay or boo, and why? Write about the costs and benefits of Valentine's Day. Do the potential benefits outweigh the costs?

Also: get and do E2.3 Show me when done.

Weds., 2/13
JOURNAL (not 6th hour) Read Facebook article.
1. You get the joy of FB, but they get tons of knowledge about you, which can be used against you. Good trade-off? Explain.
2. Should Congress write laws restricting the use of data collected by websites? Why/not? Why do you think Europe has, and we haven’t yet? Etc.

Also get E2.2: do and show me.

Tues., 2/12: Short test.
Get and do E2.1; show me when done.

Mon., 2/11: JOURNAL: The world will pay you for what you can do. What skills do you hope to acquire in your future that the world will then hire you to do? What will you have to trade (incl. $) to acquire those skills? For how long? What are you doing now to help you acquire those skills?

Get and do E1.4: "The Market": Do and show me when done.

Week 2

Fri., 2/8: Get study guide for E1 short test.

Thurs., 2/7: Practice sheet on E1.1-3: Do and show me when done.
JOURNAL about current events: Read/listen, write a position, back up with support. Repeat if necessary.

Weds., 2/6: Get and do E1.3; show me when done.
JOURNAL: (NOT 4th HOUR): One thing besides price that can affect demand for a good or service is advertising: Write about ads you love or hate or remember. What in advertising do you think really leads people to buy a product or service?

Tues., 2/5: JOURNAL: If you needed some quick dough, what are some possessions you could easily part with, that would get you some cash? Which ones would be hard to part with? Explain. Etc.
Also: Get and do E1.2; show me when done.

Mon., 2/4: JOURNAL: What is money? What are the good things about money? Bad things? Is there some other way to do trade, without it? Etc.
Also: Get and do E1.1; show me when done.

Week 1

Fri., 2/1: JOURNAL: What are some good trades you have made (including trading $ for something)? What are some bad ones? What are some future trades (including purchases) you would like to make in the future?

WEDS., 1/30: JOURNAL: Are you an interventionist or isolationist?
  • An "interventionist" thinks we should lead or get involved in a lot of foreign affairs like the rebellion in Syria or Europe's money problems.
  • An "isolationist" thinks we should generally not get involved in foreign affairs unless the matter directly threatens us.
  • Explain which one you are.
  • Try to think of examples from history when your position was the right one.
  • Also try to think of reasons why your position might not always be the better one.

Week 9

Friday, 1/18: JOURNAL: Read a news story. Pick someone in it and write a letter to them. Retell very briefly what happened, then "tell" them what you think about their role or part in the story. Feel free to ask them questions. Repeat if necessary.

Thurs., 1/17: Get study guide for exam.
JOURNAL: If you organized a student union (group) and "lobbied" the administration for changes here . . .
a. What changes would you like your union leaders to push for here? (Think about your experience here and how it could improve, but also be somewhat realistic.)
b. What methods would you want the group to use to achieve its goals? (Again, be realistic.)

Weds., 1/16: MEMORY CHECK (SHEST) on 11.1-3.
JOURNAL: Read article. State a position: New York's new gun control laws are [wise or unwise]. Then support. You might consider how these laws will affect safety; and people's rights. Also write whether Michigan should adopt similar restrictions.

Tues., 1/15: Get study guide for Memory Check on 11.1-3.
JOURNAL; Citizens United is the recent decision that changed campaign funding. A.) Summarize the change and how it affected elections. B.) Make sure you include what most political money is spent on. C.) Write whether having lots more money involved in elections is good, bad, both, or neither, and explain.

Mon., 1/14: Get and do 11.3. Show me when done.


Fri., 1/11: Use sheets 11.1 and 11.2 and write five quiz questions based on that material.
JOURNAL: Read or watch the news. Write a position about a news story and support it with facts. Repeat if needed, to expand your word count.

Thurs., 1/10: Get and do 11.2: Special Interest Groups. Show me when done.
JOURNAL: Take the test on whether you're liberal or conservative. Write about the taking of the test and the results. Did your results turn out the way you thought they would? Had you thought of yourself as liberal or conservative before? What or who has shaped your opinions to be as they are? Etc.

Weds., 1/9: Get 11.1: Parties: read and do the back. Show me when done.

Tues., 1/8: QUIZ on 7.4 - 7.6
JOURNAL: Read "Three Teens Get 15 Years": Summarize what happened; state whether you think fifteen years is "cruel and unusual" (Eighth Amendment) and support that. Should "cruel and unusual" mean what the Framers (writers of the Constitution) had in mind? Or should it mean what would be "cruel and unusual" in 2013? Can you think of any examples of punishments that would be "cruel and unusual"?

Mon., 1/7/2013:
5th and 6th: Use 7.4 - 7.6 and 7B study guide to invent 10 quiz questions. They can be true/false, multiple choice, or matching. Make a separate answer key.


Weds., 12/19: Get study guide for Friday's SHORT TEST on 7.4 - 7.6.
Get infosheet 7.6: last new stuff: do it and show me.
JOURNAL: Ok, so MIchigan won't have armed teachers anytime soon, but what do you think? Good idea? Bad? In between? Pros/cons? If it were legal, would you feel safer, etc., etc.

Tues., 12/18: Get and do 7.5 (Fifth through Eighth Amendments; show me when done).
Read "Should School Officials Have the Right to Search": Answer the questions in your JOURNAL. Add your own thoughts if you wish including how you would vote if you were on the Supreme Court. Count words as always.

Mon., 12/17: Read the Bill of Rights
Get 7.4: Guns + Search and Seizure: Do and show me.

Week 6

Fri., 12/14:
ALL HOURS: Short Test.
4th and 5th HOURS: JOURNAL: Read about current events: State a position, then back up with details. You can add your own thoughts. Repeat, if you need to achieve a higher word count.
6th HOUR:
Read "Can Public Schools Ban Political Protests?" Answer the questions into your journal. Add germane (relevant) words if you need to.

Thurs., 12/13:
ALL HOURS: Get study guide for Friday's Short Test.
4th and 5th HOURS: JOURNAL: Read "Can Public Schools Ban Political Protests?" Answer the questions into your journal. Add germane words if you need to.
6th HOUR: Get 7.3; do and show me. Get study guide for tomorrow's short test.

Weds., 12/12:
4th and 5th Hours: Get 7.3: Speech and Press Rights. Do and show me.
6th Hour: JOURNAL: Read cheerleader article. Schools may not officially promote a religion. Students may be religious on their own. Re-state the argument made by each “side” in this case. Tell how you would decide if you were a federal judge, and your legal reasoning. Try to tie it in with the First/Fourteenth Amendments.

Tues., 12/11: Get and do Infosheet 7.2. Show me or check it with a friend who did it.
JOURNAL (4 and 5th Hours only): Read cheerleader article. Schools may not officially promote a religion. Students may be religious on their own. Re-state the argument made by each “side” in this case. Tell how you would decide if you were a federal judge, and your legal reasoning. Try to tie it in with the First/Fourteenth Amendments.

Mon., 12/10: Get infosheet 7.1 about rights in general. Do it and show me or check it with a neighbor. No journal.

Week 5

Fri., 12/7: Quiz, 4th hour.
JOURNAL:Watch or read current events and write about them. State a position, then back up with details. Repeat, if you need to achieve a higher word count.

Thurs., 12/6 QUIZ, 5th and 6th hours only.

Weds., 12/5:
Go here and watch the vid. Username: lynchonline password: online
JOURNAL about it as it plays: jot down things that catch your ear or seem important.

Tues., 12/4:
Get and do 6.2: Supreme Court infosheet.
What is your opinion on the Supreme Court’s Gideon decision (people should be appointed a free lawyer, for a fair trial)?
If Gideon had been guilty, would that affect your opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision?
Do an overall review of the movie. Give it a letter grade compared to other school movies and explain. Should or shouldn’t I show it next year?

Mon., 12/3: nothing to make up

Week 4

Fri., 11/30: JOURNAL: Write about current events in the news, whether local, state, or national.

Thurs., 11/29: Get and do 6.1 on the judicial branch. No journal.

Weds., 11/28: JOURNAL: Write about current events in the news, whether local, state, or national.

Tues., 11/27: QUIZ on executive branch

Mon., 11/26: Do practice sheet based on 5.3 and 5.4. Use your brain first; then look back on 5.3 and 5.4 if you must. 6th hour, show me for points!
NOT 6th HOUR: Write about any rules or laws you interacted with over break;
or any economics (any trading of time, talent, things, or money) you were involved in.

Week 3

Tues., 11/20: get pie charts about federal income and spending; then get and do "Balance the Federal Budget" sheet; you may do it with a partner.

Mon., 11/19: JOURNAL: Write about any personal experience with debt. Then address any or all: When might it be good to borrow? When bad? Why do people borrow so much using credit cards? Etc.

Get and do infosheet 5.4 about taxes, spending, and borrowing.


Weds., 11/14: Do "Fun with Bureaucracy" into your journal. Get instructions in yellow box.

Tues., 11/13:
JOURNAL about current events.

Mon., 11/12: JOURNAL about current events. Also, get and do infosheet 5.3, The Bureaucracy.

WEEK 1 (yes, "one")

Thurs., 11/8: nothing to make up

Weds., 11/7:
Write what you think about the election results. Consider any or all of the following (or other issues):
•President result; why/how Mr. O won
•House being R., Senate being Dem.
•How this affects the future
•Michigan proposals all going down
•If you watched last night, how the experience was

Tues., 11/6: QUIZ on the presidency, sheets 5.1 and 5.2;
JOURNAL: (NOT 6th Hour) (Read article: "Don't Trust Your Instincts.") Mr. Stossel, a libertarian says, “Get out the vote drives are dumb.” Agree or disagree, and give your reasoning. Should we have a test or something, to see if people “know enough” to vote? What about his economics-of-making-a-bad-mistake argument (second full par. on the back)? Do you buy that? Etc.

Mon., 11/5: JOURNAL (Read article about Gary Johnson, a third-party candidate.)
Write the following the way you prefer it:
Mr. Johnson [would would not] make a pretty good president.
Then support it with evidence from the article and thoughts/illustrations of your own.


Fri., 11/2: Get and do 5.2 about the presidential election.

Ok, the Founding Fathers didn’t trust us rabble to pick a good president, so they have the “smart” electors there in case we screw up.
But, what do you think of the whole Electoral College way of picking the Pres. Good idea? Bad? Would you change it if you could? To what?
Care to make any predictions about Tues?

OR… write a position statement about a news article and back up your position; repeat til you have enough words to make you (and me) happy.

Thurs., 11/1: JOURNAL: “Electricity [is is not] essential to a good life.” Write that sentence the way you think it should be, then provide support and examples.

Go here and watch the vid. Username: lynchonline; password: online.

Weds., 10/31: Get 5.1 (The President) sheet; read, do, and show me. JOURNAL: Write about the job of president: would you like it? Why/not? Pros and cons of the job? Would you be a good president?

Tues., 10/30: nothing to make up

Mon., 10/29: JOURNAL: What are the most important personal qualities you think are important for a president to have (e.g., intelligence, knowledge, tenacity, humor, honesty, normalcy, etc, etc.)? From what you can tell, give Mr. Romney and Obama numerical ratings in the characteristics you considered most important.

Also, do Article II scavenger hunt. Give me when done.


Fri., 10/26: nothing to make up

Thurs., 10/25: Finish the film on YouTube. Be ready to answer questions and discuss.

Weds., 10/24: go to youtube and watch the next 45:00 of the movie; be prepared to answer questions.

Tues., 10/23: go to youtube and watch the next 30:00 of the movie; be prepared to answer questions.

Mon., 10/22: go to youtube and watch the first 16:00 minutes of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Be prepared to discuss it.


Thurs., 10/18: TEST. Make up before or after school through next Thurs.

Weds., 10/17: Get and do "Unit 4 Big Practice." Show me.
6th hour, do Tues.'s journal topic (see below).

Tues., 10/16: Get Leg. Branch study guide for upcoming TEST. Get and do Legislative Infosheet 4.3.
4th and 5th hours: Read article about teens and cell phone bill. JOURNAL: Summarize Michigan Senate Bill 756. State whether you think it should or should not become law. Explain your reasoning and support. Try supporting it with big ideas like “common good,” “limited government,” “safety/justice,” etc.
6th hour: read article; no journal yet.

Mon., 10/15: Get Legislative Branch Infosheet 4.2 about Congress; do it; show me or check it with someone who was here.

Fri., 10/10: all classes, turn in school constitutions. 4th and 5th, JOURNAL: You’re principal at a school with no Homecoming festivities. Students propose a week like what we do here, but you worry about anarchy.
Do you agree to it? Explain why or why not. Remember: LEARNING is your prime concern. Try to tie in government or economic ideas.

Thurs., 10/9: Get and do Legislative Branch infosheet 1.

Weds., 10/8: Do Article I scavenger hunt and show me. JOURNAL: Laws are generally to prohibit something or require someone to do something. Think of some new laws that would be good to have. Or, write about laws that should be changed or abolished. Explain thyself! (Some areas to think about: driving, food, safety, school, substances, business, taxes, etc.)

Tues., 10/7: nothing to make up

Mon., 10/6: JOURNAL: What special challenges do you think Homecoming Week poses for the people who have the job of enforcing rules and keeping order here? How well do you think they (we) do? Too strict? Too lax? Just right? (Safety, order, and learning are our goals.)


Fri., 10/5: JOURNAL: Read a news story in the paper: Write a statement or opinion about it, then give evidence to support your statement. Do this about several news stories if you need to, for your word count.

Thurs., 10/4: TEST on Constitution basics. Get ASSIGNMENT instructions for SCHOOL CONSTITUTION ASSIGNMENT.

Weds., 10/3: Look at the Constitution Basics 3 sheet from yesterday: JOURNAL: Of the principles (ideas) in the Constitution, which three are MOST important, and why? Name each you think is most important and give your reasoning and evidence for each.

Tues., 10/2: Get and do Constitution Basics 3 infosheet. Show me or check it with a buddy who was here.

Mon., 10/1: Get STUDY GUIDE for Constitution test. Do Constitutional Convention practice sheet. Skim over the Constitution so you know what the parts are generally called, and the name of the introduction.

Fri., 9/28: Read a news story in the paper: Write a statement or opinion about it, then give evidence to support your statement.
Do this about several news stories if you need to, for your word count.

Thurs., 9/27: Get and do Constitution Basics 2 infosheet.

Weds., 9/26: JOURNAL: Write about when you’ve had to make compromises. With whom? Why? Were you satisfied with the outcome? How do they compare to the compromises the “framers” (writers of the Constitution) made?

Get and do Constitution Basics 1 infosheet.

Tues., 9/25: TEST. JOURNAL: I haven’t asked you about the presidential race. So: Obama or Romney? Give your reasons. What do you think about the presidential election in general? If you don’t care who wins, why not? Etc.

Mon., 9/24: 4th and 5th hours only: JOURNAL: So where do you stand on this “government” thing: should govmt. be only to help us be as free as possible? Or, should government try to solve problems like building roads, helping the economy, health care for poorer folks, etc . . . ? How did you end up thinking as you do? How sure are you you’re right?

4th and 5th hours, show me the practice sheet you got Fri.

All hours: Get Historical Origins 3 infosheet: Read, do, check with me or a neighbor.

6th hour only: Get and do big history practice sheet.

Friday: JOURNAL: From what you know of history and your personality, would you have been more likely to be a rebel in the 1770s or a Loyalist (wanting to stay loyal to Great Britain)? Why? In your opinion, were the Americans who fought Britain traitors or patriots? Explain.
4th and 5th hours: Get History Practice Sheet. Show me when done, for points.

Thurs., 9/20: Turn in fable.
4th hour only: JOURNAL: Write about the doing of the fable: Easy? Hard? How was it, cooperating with someone, if you did? How does it compare to other writing assignments?
6th hour: Get STUDY GUIDE for next Tues. test.

Weds., 9/19; 4th and 5th: Get STUDY GUIDE. All hours: JOURNAL: Would you like to be independent of your parents? Advantages? Disadvantage? How would it go if you declared your independence to them?

Tues., 9/18: Get and do Historical Origins 2 infosheet.

Mon., 9/17: 4th Hour only: JOURNAL: Write about current events you have seen/heard lately.
OR write about ways you have encountered rules, controlling, or being controlled lately.

Fri., 9/14: JOURNAL: What do you think of the idea that there are basic human rights (actions every human is entitled to do)? Is that absolutely true, or just an idea made up by people? Explain.
Try to remember as many rights as you can that are listed in our Bill of Rights. (E.g., freedom of . . . , or the right to . . . , or the govmt. cannot . . . ). How much do you appreciate them?

Thurs., 9/13: Get Historical Origins 1 infosheet. Show me when done.

Weds, 9/12: Get instructions on FABLE WRITING. It's due Thurs., 9/20.

Tues., 9/11: Do practice sheet on forms of government. Use brain only first; then refer to materials. QUIZ on general words and forms of government. Journal: democracy: advantages; disadvantages (compared to dictatorship); which is stronger, the advantages or disadvantages? Why do you think so?

Mon., 9/10: Get and do "Government Basics 2" infosheet. Show me when done. No journal.

Fri., 9/7: Show me "Government Basics 1" infosheet for points.
Journal: On Monday, Mr. Leisenring says, “No school rules today."
You can’t violate state laws, so you must attend, and people can’t hurt each other or steal stuff, but there are no school rules. Describe the day.

Thurs., 9/6: Get and do "Government Basics 1" infosheet. Show me.
Also, show me that you have a singe-subject, spiral notebook for journaling (worth points).
Get instructions on how to journal.
First journal entry:
Do people really need controlling?
- Do rules and enforcement make people act better? Think about speeding, or tardies in school. . . .
- Or, could people pretty much be counted on to act well and cooperate without rules?
Or is it a bit of both?

Weds., 9/5: We took a pre-test. Make it up before or after school by next Weds. Make sure to bring a single-subject, spiral-bound notebook for journaling. Due Thursday.

Tues., 9/4: nothing to make up