Weds./Fri.: Final EXAM (Exam study guide is due at start of period, for up to 10 pts extra credit on Q4.

Tues., 6/6: Practice S1: State Govt. in General
Open Study Tyme

Mon., 6/5: Practice E4: International Econ
Open Study Tyme


Fri., 6/2: Morale day, nothing to make up.

Thurs., 6/1: review Federal Reserve and monetary policy.

Weds., 5/31: E1 practice sheet; open study time.

Tues., 5/30: Get EXAM STUDY GUIDE.

Mon., 5/29, Remember the fallen. NO SCHOOL


Fri., 5/26: nothing to make up

Thurs., 5/25: TEST on S2 and S3's

Weds., 4/24: assemblies: nothin' to make up

Tues., 5/23:
Get Extra Practice sheet due Thursday for points!

Explore, find interesting things, then write about what you found at . . .

• if you live in Escanaba;


OR (if you live in Ford River Twnsp.),

HInt, for fun: try to find an ordinance (local law) you didn't know about, or think is weird.

MORE fun: Try

Mon., 5/22: Get study guide for Thurs.' s TEST on S2 and S3.1-3.
Get S3.3.

JOURNAL: Pretend you're in the state legislature and you get to re-imagine what education is like in Michigan.
Your one goal is that every young adult is ready for college or career.
Think about things like attendance/online/blended, keeping local districts, what courses to require, what activities/electives/clubs/sports, grading, grade levels (like 11th grade, say), technology, anything.
What would be the best way to get young humans "educated"?


Fri., 5/19:
Read the Five Principles of Vexillology HERE.
Make a new flag for Michigan or a flag for Esky using the five principles. To get your points you must explain how your flag meets the principles. Don't wing it.

Thurs., 5/18: Get Escanaba Org Chart and
S3.2 practice matching.

Weds., 5/17, nothing to make up

Tues: 5/16:
Get and do S3.1.

Journal about
• the news you saw/heard (Mr. Trump revealing classified intelligence to Russian officials; Ebola and its effects; N Korea missile; women refugees making welcome mats; flying horse)
• or any other news story you know of recently incl. Michigan or local news

Try to write about implications on the future, how it can affect life, the economy, etc. Or is it interesting but not really important?

Mon., 5/15:
Get S2 and do it.

Read UP secession article. The JOURNAL topic is the last line of the article (questions), plus other thoughts, pros/cons of yours.


Fri., 5/12: TRADING DAY #4, nothing to make up.

Thurs., 5/11 TEST on S1.1-1.3

Weds., 5/10: Get Superintendent Search article from Daily Press. Write three questions you would as a candidate. Don't ask one about open campus. Give to me for POINTS!

Also, get and do Michigan practice dsheet. Answers are on the door post.

Here is the
LIST of executive branch departments

Get S1.4, about MI's judicial branch.

Mon., 5/8: SHOW me the matching quiz you made for POINTS.
Also, get and do S1.3, the executive branch.


Fri, 5/5: Get packet of MI exec branches and follow the directions on cover sheet to make a matching quiz.

Thurs., 5/4:
• We have freedom of business here, so is there anything We the People can do to get/encourage companies to make more apps that are good for us Since we have economic freedom, is there any legal/Constitutional way to get companies to manipulate us less through our personal data and devices?
• Could we incentivize (reward) them somehow for making apps that benefit/help us rather than keep us addicted?
• Or are things fine the way they are?
• Did you feel anything with your device being away from you this period?

Write about importance/implications of stories you saw. (Or nonimportance.)

Weds., 5/3 Get and do S1.2.

Tues., 5/2: Write "Week Five."
(If you were absent you'll have to go online and read or watch videos about the state capitol building.)
BE the Capitol building in Lansing. Tell some visiting 3rd graders about yourself (how you were built, your structure and decoration); and what you see/hear going on inside you (what kind of laws is the legislative branch up to?). Have fun and be creative.

Mon., 5/1: Get and do S1.1


Fri., 4/28: Show me your study guide as per Thursday's directions, for real points.
TEST on E5.1-3

Thurs., 4/27: Complete the study guide; due tomorrow. Complete = 5/7; better/more thorough = 6/7; amazing = 7/7.

VIDEOS in case you forget anything:

Weds., 4/26: Get and do E5.3 info sheet about college financing.

Tues., 4/25: Get and do E5.2 notesheet about banking and investment.

Mon., 4/24: Get and do 5.1 about income taxes.


Fri., 4/21: Nothing to make up.

Thurs., 4/20:
Jobs, day IV: JOURNAL
If absent, Google "steve jobs quotes," read some and write your responses.

Choose from the following prompts.
• Instead of rating the film, give Mr. Jobs an overall rating as a human being from one to five stars and explain why.
• Here's a famous quote. Write if you agree or not, and why, and what it makes you think about your future.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."
• Or try this one:
"My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."

Weds., 4/19: "Jobs, Day III"
If absent, journal about a business news story.

Thanks in large part to Steve Jobs, we have user-friendy computers for normal people; a touch-app-device in your pocket; music industry based on singles and streaming rather than buying physical CDs; and far fewer people doing music as their living.

• Do these things make the world a "better" place or a "different" place than it was before the Tech Revolution? Maybe a bit of both? Explain.
• Any other thoughts you have about the technology-integrated world we live in: the pros and cons.

• Would it have been better for the company to stay true to Steve's vision and maybe do very poorly and/or go out of business?

Tues., 4/18, "Jobs, Day II":
Choose from the following prompts. If absent, journal about a business news story.
• Mr. Jobs created a great business and products, but had some serious flaws as a person. Do the achievements outweigh his failings; or should he have been a "better person," even if it hurt his business success?
• What sort of lessons can you take from what you've seen so far, or gathered from other sources about Mr. J?
• Think about a trade-off Mr. Jobs made. What did he give up? What did he gain? Evaluate the trade.
• Any other germane (on point) thoughts/feelings?

Mon., 4/17:
Write "Week Three"

"JOBS" DAY I of four:

• Mr. Jobs is often thought of as a lone visionary, dreaming up and creating things by himself. How does this movie confirm or contradict that image that many people have?
• "What it represents is as important as what it is." Do you perceive that idea in any Apple products you know of?
• What personal qualities did Mr. Jobs have that would lead to success in creating and producing products?
• Assuming the movie is accurate in its portrayal, what do you find admirable in Mr. Jobs so far; what do you dislike?
• Etc.

If absent, journal about a business news story.


Tues. - Thurs., TESTING DAYS
Mon., 5/10: nothing to make up


Fri., 5/7, trading day, nothing to make up; if you were absent excused, you're exempt from the trading.

Thurs., 5/6: 1st hour, TEST, other hours, nothing to make up

Weds., 5/5: TEST on E4.1-4.4

Tues., 5/4: Get and do practice sheet on E4.1 - 4.3

Mon., 5/3
Get and do E4.4 about trade policy.
Also get STUDY GUIDE for TEST on WEDNESDAY on E4.1-4. (1st hour will test on Thurs.)


Thurs. and Fri.: nothing to make up

Weds., 3/22: E4.3 about absolute v. comparative advantage

Tues., 3/21: E4.2 , comparative economic systems

Mon., 3/20: Get E4.1, do and show me.


Fri., 3/17: 1/2 day, nothing to make up.

Thurs., 3/16: Get magazine, read article about about the Sharing Economy. On a piece of paper, write neatly three things you like about the sharing economy; three things you dislike; three questions you still have. Turn in as soon as you can for 5 points.

Weds., 3/15: MACRO TEST

Tues., 3/14:
We did some more practice, the roller-coaster of the cyclical economy and what fiscal policy or monetary should be employed. Make sure you go over it.

Mon., 3/13:
Get E3.5 on global factors affecting macroeconomics.
Also, get STUDY GUIDE for Wednesday's TEST on E3.


Fri., 3/11: Journal about the trade(s) you made. Journal about any you wish you had made. How did this day go, compared to the first one?
Absent? Write about anything legit, remotely connected to this class.

Thurs., 3/9: Get and do practice E3b on what policy to apply at what point in the business cycle.

Weds., 3/8: Get and do
Get and do E3.4. Good luck. Hardest stuff all year. Read it two or three times, seriously. Show me when done. I'd watch this POWERPOINT if I were you or you'll get a bunch wrong on next week's test. Also this crash course video will help you learn it, too:

No journal.

Tues. 3/7: JOURNAL
Write about plans you made in the past about money: getting/saving some; or what to spend on.
How formal was the plan?
Did it work out?
What plans do you have now, for the future?

Get E3.3, do and show me.
Get and do the "gorilla" review on E3.1-2

Mon., 3/6
Go online to the federal Bureau of Labor and Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook as
Explore some jobs you're interested in. Write about some of the info you find out. Especially look at the "outlook" for employment (change in # of jobs between 2014 and 2024) to see if there will be many openings.


Fri., 3/3:
Get and do E3.2. Show me when done.

NOBODY DO THIS TOPIC. I'm storing it for next year.
• Ok, so what are you doing so you are employed five years from now?
• Will you do anything in the next three to five years to increase your employablitily or will you be all set after high school?
• Do you have a general area/"sector" you think you'll be employed in (like "tech" or "manufacturing")? Do you have a specific job in mind?
• Or do you want to form your own business? If so, what/how?
• Dream big. Think about your personality and your strengths.

Thurs., 3/2:
Get and do E3.1 about goals of the US economy and how the govt. measures it.

Tomorrow we will talk about jobs and (un)employment. Before that, let's start bigger.
Ok, so you were born and are still existing. Good.
What is your life about? Put another way, what is the meaning of your life? What is its purpose?
Or is there one?
This is bigger than the "job"s you will have or companies you will start. When you are working or running a company, what will it all be for? What is life for, right now?

Weds., 3/1: Pre-test on Macroeconomics. This was for points. Do it now.

Tues., 2/28:
JOURNAL a summary and your thoughts on
• Mr. Trump's upcoming budget;
• North Korea using nerve-poison to kill a famous person in public;
• skilled foreign workers being hired by American companies since their labor is a bit cheaper;
• adoption and its cost and a crowdfunding platform to help people adopt;
• or any other news story you know of.
  • * * Write about implications on the future, how it can affect life, the economy, etc. Or is it interesting but not really important?

ALSO . . . TEST on E2.1-3!

Mon., 2/27: Read article about shaming people who don't pay their taxes.
This is a "persuasive essay." 1. What is the authors' main point? 2. How well do they make their case? 3. If you were a legislator in Michigan, would you vote to do tax shaming as the authors describe? Some other way? Or not at all? Explain why/not. . . .

ALSO: Get and do E2 practice.


Fri., 2/24: no school

Thurs., 2/23: Get E2.3; do and show me.
6th HOUR, it counts as graded homework, so show me yours for points. Quality counts. Give it to me the first day after you are able to grab it, or it is late.

ALSO Get STUDY GUIDE for E2 Test on Tues.

Weds., 2/22:
Read about the Girl Scout who sold many cookies in a certain location. Is this brilliant business? Or inappropriate location?
Are her parents helping her learn business OR contributing to her delinquency?
What broader lessons can we take from this? Etc.

ALSO Get E2.2: More govt. involvement in the market.

Tues., 2/21:
JOURNAL about an article about two cities voting on whether to correct the externality of obesity, by taxing soda (a.k.a "pop").
1. Should a majority of a city and its government get involved in trying to improve the health of its people? Explain why/not and why you're righter than someone who would oppose you.
2. What do you think about using tax to decrease a behavior ("sin tax")? (It's used on alcohol and tobacco a lot.)
3. What do you think about the beverage industry focusing on low-income folks to get them to vote "no'? Immoral? Or, simply smart business?
4. Should we do something similar in our great state of MIchigan? Explain why/not.

Mon., 2/20
Get E2.1: Govt. in the Free Market

Read "The Social Mediators." Try listening to these young people and hear some wisdom.
• Which of them and their lessons could you apply in your future work/business/economic life? (Even if you are not a social media pro like they are?)
• Which seem inapplicable or un-useful?
• Why are these people's social media accounts SO popoular?
• Write any questions you would ask of one of them if you could. (And I'm sure you can, by the way.)


Fri., 2/17:
Read Taco Bell article.
JOURNAL; address some of these:
Write what you think of all that went into the development of DLT.
• Has Taco Bell gotten you to try/buy one? How about their new-ish breakfast line? How about the new naked chicken chalupa?
• Two years ago there were big losses in business for McDonald's. Competition from other companies' new products is one reason. They started all-day breakfast. What else would you advise Don's to do to increase demand for their food?
• Any other fast food mashups you would like to taste?
• People will always buy food -- does working in any food industry appeal to you? Explain.

Go to
and make an account. Search for our contest. It is Lynch 2017. Our password is stocks
Once you're in, go to Trade Stocks/ETFs
and purchase at least one share of a company.

Weds., 2/15: Watch some news.
Pick a story. (You can pick a story from some other source if you know one.)
Summarize in a sentence or two.
Write thoughts.
How could this affect the future, if at all? Could it affect your real life in Delta County?
Try to tie it in with econ (choices, trade-offs, benefits, losses, etc.) if you can.

ALSO: TEST on Microeconomics (all the E1's).

Tues., 2/14: JOURNAL
(NOT 5th HOUR)
Write about the economics of Valentine's Day, i.e. choices: choices involving money, time, stuff, emotion, etc. What are the trade-offs, opportunity costs, payoffs (benefits) etc.?
E1.4, do and show me.

Mon., 2/13:
Get and do
E1.3, Law of Demand, do and show me.

(NO! Don't do this one.) One thing besides price that can affect demand for a good or service is advertising: Write about ads you love or hate or remember. What in advertising do you think really leads people to buy a product or service?


Fri., 2/10:
TRADING DAY Write about the trade(s) you made or did not: why or why not? Satisfactory? Evaluate some of the trades you saw being made around you. What are the benefits of trading in general?

Absent? So sad. You'll have to write about trades you made or saw lately.

Thurs., 2/9: Get and do
E1.2 about the Law of Supply; do and show me.

Weds., 2/8: 12 years from now your little daughter says, "[Mama/Daddy], why is there money? Why can't everything just be free?"
• Explain what you'd say to her.
• Also explain to her the joys and dangers of money.
• And, any other advice about it you would give her.

Also, get and do E1.1.5

Tues., 2/7: ECON! TRADING!
JOURNAL: Write about the best trade(s) you've ever made. CAN include purchases. CAN include trading time, energy, effort, etc. What made it so good?
Write about the worst trade(s). Why were they bad? What could have made them better?

Get and do E1.1, Microeconomic basics. Do and show me.

Mon., 2/6
America tried to be "isolationist" for much of its history, NOT getting involved in world affairs much.
WWII changed that. NOW we get involved in just about anything that happens (Libya, Syria, Iran missiles, N. Korea, Russia-Ukraine, international trade deals, etc. etc.) Getting involved with foreign countries and issues is called being "interventionist." (As in, "intervening" a lot.)
• Do you fall more on the isolationist ("don't get involved with foreign affairs") side? If so, why? Wouldn't you rather make things work for our good?
• Or do you fall more on the interventionist side (getting involved, so things go "our" way)? Why? Shouldn't we just mind our own business and be a good example?
• Or are you in the middle?
• Do some 'splaining and try to use real examples you have heard of.

ALSO get and do "12."


Fri., 2/3: TEST on Unit 11. Use your study guide.
JOURNAL: Wide-open: Write what you want, but keep it fit for school.

Thurs., 2/2: Get and do practice sheet on Unit 11.

Weds., 2/1: Get 11.3, do, and show me or check with a neighbor.
Get study guide for FRIDAY's TEST.

Tues., 1/31:
Go to
and find out what liberal or conservative "type" you are according to Pew Research. Take note, jot it, or remember really well.

Now go to
and find out which party you're closest to. (It will give you a presidential candidate first; then click on the "party" tab.)

• What do you think of the questions asked, and the process? What do you think of the results you got: surprising, or not?

• From the "political type" quiz, does the result sound like you? How so or how not?
• On the party one, If the party you got wasn't whom you like best, why do you think there is a discrepancy?
• Do you learn anything from doing this?

Mon., 1/30:
Read "op/ed" (opinion/editorial) essay by John Stossell.
• Write Mr. Stossel's main point in your own words.
• Write a couple of lines he uses to support his opinion. Feel free to quote directly, but use quotation marks if you do.
• Evaluate how well he makes his case and explain.
• Write whether you agree or not; Support yourself with evidence as best you can.
• Conclude.
• Nice.


Fri., 11/27 JOURNAL: (NOT 1st HOUR) Read about students at a college near LA who voted to ban flags there, then changed their collective mind. Please understand, I'm not in favor of banning the flag, just tryin' to get ya to think:
• How could flag-banning be viewed as somehow patriotic?
• What do you think about what the author says about your gen? Sound accurate?
• What would you say to the students at that college.

Also, get 11.2, do and show me.

Thurs., 11/26: Watch news on Mr. Trump and immigration executive orders.
JOURNAL: Mr. Trump has some intentions to enact with executive orders (border wall; 120-day ban on refugees from Syria, Iraq, etc.; cutting off federal money to US cities that shelter illegal immigrants).
What are the pros?
What are the cons?
Do the pros outweigh the cons in your opinion? Support yourself with facts, not generalities which are often false. You may use your device to find facts if you want.

Weds., 1/25: Get 11.1, do and show me.

Tues., 1/24: Citizenship
JOURNAL: What do you think "citizenship" basically means?
What does a "good citizen" care about?
What actions/behaviors does a "good citizen" do?
What actions/behaviors does a "good citizen" refrain from?
How good of a citizen would you say you are? Give yourself a letter grade and explain?

ACTIVITY: Get a copy of the 10 core democratic values. Pick 7; write out examples of people "using" or "enjoying" them. E.g. Justice: "Marie gets treated the same in court as a billionaire even though she's not rich."

Mon., 1/23; Wow, halfway done already!
JOURNAL: Suppose you were creating a movie as you live your life. Your life as it develops IS the movie. Right now it is unfinished, and won't be, until your last day.
• Think about the movie so far. What is it called, if you don't include your name in the title?
• Is it interesting? Is it good?
• Do you like the main character and what he/she (you) is doing and accomplishing?
• What would you realistically like to see the main character do/accomplish by June 8? In the next few years? - adapted from Tau Malachi

ALSO, Get and do infosheet 8. It's not 8.1 or 8.3, just "8."


FRI., 1/13: TEST on Rights Part B, 7.4-7.8.

Thurs., 1/12:
JOURNAL: Write about any recent purchase or trade (can be a trade-off of time and/or energy, too, not just $ or things). Write about what you traded away; what you received; and whether it was a good trade. Repeat if necessary.
OR Write about any interaction you've had with rules and their enforcement or lack thereof.

Also -- write out the answers to the study guide and show me for points.

Weds., 1/11:
Get STUDY GUIDE for Friday's test on Amendments II - X.

Get and do 7.8 about your UN-ENUMERATED rights that you still reserve (keep), thanks to Amendments Nine and Ten.

Read proposed parental rights amendment. (Understand this is only something people are proposing.)
Write "Week Nine."

Summarize the proposed amendment in one sentence.
What are some situations you could foresee, where parental rights could be an issue (e.g. discipline, medical care, religion, custody, schooling)?
What could be good about the amendment?
What is problematic (not-so-good, could cause problems)?
2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of states must approve a constitutional amendment -- if you were our representative in Congress would you vote to approve this amendment? Why/not? Explain.


Mon., 1/9 Get and do 7.7 about rights of the accused and punished.
Then do practice on 7.5-7.


Fri., 1/6, nothing to make up

Thurs., 1/5, ACTIVITY: Read the Esky Schools' search/seizure policy. Write three things you think are decent to good, using full sentences. Write three things you'd like to see changed for the common good, and why. Give it an overall letter grade, and tell why.

Weds., 1/4/17
Read Supreme Court Case New Jersey v TLO!
• In your own words, summarize what led up to the case.
• Then summarize in your own words each side's "argument." (Its rationale and what it wanted.)
• Then tell how you would have voted as a Supreme Court justice, based on the Fourth (and 14th) Amendments.
• Was this an "unreasonable" search the Fourth Amendment protects us from? Or was it "reasonable"?
• Acknowledge the opposing view and explain why your view is better.

ALSO: Get, read, and do 7.6 about the Fourth Amendment.

Tues., 1/3/2017:
Get and do 7.5, about the Second Amendment.

JOURNAL: Article about arming teachers.
Summarize the issue in Colorado in one sentence.
Write the pros as you see them.
Then write the cons.
Which are stronger, the pros or cons, and why?
Conclude by writing whether we should go to such a policy at EHS. (Practice writing strongly; avoid "I think" or "in my opinion."



Weds., 12/21: Answer study guide questions into your journal, to review. Word count still matters.

TUES., 12/20: Get and read the Kuhlmeier case.
• Tell in your own words what led up to the court case.
• Summarize the arguments of both sides in your own words, and what they based their arguments on.
• Tell which side has the better argument and try to base it on your understanding of the 1st amendment. Tell how you would vote if you were a judge, and why your opinion is right-er than the opposing view.

ALSO Get study guide for Wednesday's TEST.

ALSO Get and do
on assembly and petition rights.



Fri., 12/16, nothing to make up

Thurs., 12/15:

Get and do 7.3 about speech and press rights.

Read Gonzalez v. UDV (free exercise) case; or Tinker v. Des Moines (free speech).
In your JOURNAL: Summarize in your own words the argument of the person or people bringing the case (first name in the case's title);
• then summarize the argument of the person or people being challenged (second name in the case).
• Tell which side has the better argument and try to base it on your understanding of the 1st amendment. Tell how you would vote if you were a judge, and why your opinion is right-er than the opposing view.

Weds., 12/14:

Get and do 7.2; show me when done or check it with a friend.

Read the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments to the Constitution).
• Write things you notice about it.
• These could be very boring observations; or things you find interesting or odd, like rights you didn't know of, or ways things are worded. Or, how things are grouped. Or something that is not included.
• For some of the things you notice, take a guess as to why it is that way.
• Or think of some questions you still have about the Bill.

Tues., 12/13: Get and do
7.1 about RIGHTS in general, and the 14th specifically.
JOURNAL: You received as a surprise, approximately eight hours yesterday to do with as you wished.
• Write what you traded the time for. (I.e. what you did with it.)
• Write what the next best thing was, that you could have done with the time. [That is your opportunity cost (what you chose NOT to do with the time).]
• Evaluate if it was a good trade(s) or if you could have done better; and why.



Fri., 12/9:
JOURNAL (NOT 5th and 6th):
Pick and choose from among the following:
• What is your opinion on the Supreme Court’s "Gideon" decision (poor people get a free lawyer, in order for justice to occur)?
• What do you think of the Court's "remedy" (a retrial)? They could have released 5,000 people or just ordered free lawyers "from now on." Do you think a retrial was double-jeopardy?
• If Gideon had been guilty, would that affect your opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision?
• What do you suppose "trumpet" in the title "Gideon's Trumpet" refers to?
• Give an overall review of the movie. Give it a letter grade or stars compared to most other school movies and explain.
• Should or shouldn’t I show it next year?

Thurs., 12/8: JOURNAL
Gideon Day Two
Go to YouTube and watch segments 4-7 of "Gideon's Trumpet." (or up through Supreme Court deliberations)
• How is the Supreme Court different from a trial court? What do you think of how it operates compared to a normal, trial court?
• What do you think about nine unelected people (the justices) voting to decide what your rights are? Good plan? Think of anything better?
• More predictions?

Weds., 12/7
Go to
and watch the first 36 minutes or so up through Clarence Gideon's sending in his appeal to the Supreme Court.
JOURNAL: Gideon's Trumpet, day one: How would you have decided if you were on the jury, and why? What would be hard about defending yourself in court w/o a lawyer? Should people who can’t afford an attorney be given one by the taxpayers? Why/not? Make some predictions.

Tues., 12/6: TEST
JOURNAL: Okay, "rights." Pick and choose from the following:
• Are rights literally God-given? Or thought-up by human beings? Explain your thoughts.
• What rights can you remember or think of? (Think of the phrases "Freedom of . . ." or "Right to . . . ." Think of things government cannot do. Or things government must let you do.
• Do any of these rights we believe in, in America, seem more or less important to you? Explain your thinking.
• Etc.

Mon., 12/5: half-day; study for Mon.'s test; you may get and do an optional practice sheet with answers posted on the wall.


Fri., 12/2: Get study guide for Tuesday's test on 6.1-2.
, do and show me.
JOURNAL: a treat: WIDE-OPEN TOPIC: Write about anything appropriate for school. If you NEED a topic, write about the coming of winter and how that might affect you and the economy.

Thurs., 12/1:
Read article on 4th Amendment cases esp. re. cell phone searches.
Write about the Supreme Court's decision on cell phones and why they got it right or wrong. Think of the opposing view and say why your opinion is better. Support with evidence. (This is "refutation," btw.)
• If you need more words, you can also write about the sidebar items in the lower left of p. 2: Yelp, Facebook et al.) How do you think the Court should rule on any of those issues and why?

Weds., 11/30: nothing to make up

Tues., 11/29:
Get and do 6.1 on the Judicial Branch.
Think of a news story you heard/saw.
• Summarize in no more than three sentences.
• Then write your thoughts. Is it good news, bad news, in between?
• Especially see if you can think of how that story could affect the future, or even your life.
• Repeat if necessary.

Mon., 11/28: JOURNAL
Write about any purchase or trade you made over Break (can be a trade-off of time and/or energy, too, not just $ or things). Write about the trade-off (loss); payoff (the gain); and whether it was a good trade overall. Repeat if necessary.

OR Write about any interaction you had with rules and their enforcement or lack thereof. (Could be family rules, sports rules, laws, etc.)


Tues., 11/22: Gratitude is now known to be a key component of happiness: "Wanting what you have." JOURNAL Write about things you're grateful for, and why.

Mon., 11/21: Watch the last 25 minutes or so of Mr. Smith via the link below in last week.

Pick and choose from among the following:
Summarize the overall theme or message of the film. How well did the film do at making the point? What were the film's strengths? Weaknesses?
Please give an overall letter grade and explain whether I should show it next year.


Fri., 11/18, Mr. Smith, Day III: Watch the third quarter of the film, starting at yesterday's stopping point (see below).
• Senator Payne says he had to compromise with crookedness to do good things for the people of the state. Do you agree with that philosophy or not? Should someone play ball, or stay true and honest?
• What's goin' on with Mr. Smith now accused as a crook?
• Make some predictions about how the movie will end.
• Etc.

Thurs., 11/17: Watch the next 35 minutes or so of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on youTube up until he learns of the dam scheme from Saunders in his office.

• How would it go if a senator really went around punching reporters in 2016?
• So Mr. Smith knows there is a plot afoot and his hero is corrupt. What would you do if you were he? (Give up? Fight? Play dumb? Etc.?) Why?
• What do you think he'll do?
• What will the powerful interests (Taylor and his money/businesses) do?
• Smith and Saunders: budding romance, or friends forever?
• What is it, with humans and greed, anyway?

Weds., 11/16: Watch the first 35 minutes of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on youTube.

Choose from among the following. . .
• What do you make of the character being named “Jefferson and Smith”?
• Do you think an innocent “newb” could go off to Lansing or Washington and make a difference?
• Since Sen. Payne and "Boss" Taylor have already talked about their "dam" scheme to make money off the government, try making some predictions. What will Mr. Smith do if/when he finds out?
• What do you think of the clothes, trains, cars, phone booths, styles, slang words, etc. of the 1930s? Etc.

Tues., 11/15: Deer Day

Mon., 11/14: TEST: Make up by 11/21 before or after school


Fri., 11/11, nothing to make up

Thurs., 11/10: optional Big Practice sheet; answers posted on the door; or work on your study guide, whatever you think is best for your own brain.

Weds. 11/9, JOURNAL:
FROM THIS WHOLE, LONG ELECTION PROCESS, what did you learn . . .
• about how elections work
• about "real life" politics
• about human nature
• how to get people to believe in you
• how to get people to hate you
• about yourself
• about anything else ?

Get and do 4.3
Show me when done.

Mon., 11/7: JOURNAL
Let's have some fun. Make some predictions:
• Who's gonna win, and how close, and why?
• What happens next: peaceful transition? Fussing? Something else?
• Will the new president accomplish what he/she wants to?

WEEK NINE! Last week of the term!

Fri., 11/4: nothing to make up.

Thurs., 11/3:
Get and do weird-lookin' 4.2. Read it. Then get a separate 4.2 practice; do and show me.

Weds., 11/2: no 1st and 2nd hour (ASVAB);
5th and 6th, get and do 4.1 (link is below) and show me.


Tues., 11/1: 1st and 2nd hour, Get 4.1 on the legislative branch basics; do and show me.
(5th had Army Band, 6th we discussed stuff.)

Mon., 10/31: Activity! Nothin' to make up.


Fri., 10/28: nothing to make up

Thurs., 10/27, nothing to make up.

Weds., 10/26: TEST on Constitution Basics
JOURNAL: Our next stop is the legislative branch, all about what Congress can make laws about, and how.
• How are school rules and classroom rules and sports/activities rules made here at Esky High?
• Would you suggest any changes to how rules are made? Should it be more democratic? Why or why not?
• Do we need any new rules? Any repealed? Amended (changed)?

Tues., 10/25: JOURNAL:
Turn the page. Write "Week Eight."
Write about any recent purchase or trade (can be a trade-off of time and/or energy, too, not just $ or things). Write about what you traded away; what you received; and whether it was a good trade. Repeat if necessary.
OR Write about any interaction you've had with rules and their enforcement or lack thereof.

Activity: Write five quiz questions based on 3.1 - 3.3. Do multiple choice or matching. Make sure to include topics from 3.2 (ratfying) and 3.3 (principles). Don't write the answers in. Do make a separate key.

Mon., 10/24: Get and do Constitutional Convention practice sheet.
5th hour, get study guide for Wednesday's test



Fri., 10/21: JOURNAL: Get a voter's guide. Read about a race you are at least a little interested in. Write about the candidate you would prefer in that race and why. Repeat if necessary. If you do with a buddy, each person must still write an entry.

Activity: Get a large paper. Title it "Constitutional Principles." (Spell "principles" right by the way.) Divide it into four areas. Label each with one of the principles from 3.3. Explain with few words. Illustrate each with a li'l color picture. Tape on wall outside my door. Be neat. Put tape loops on back of paper.
If you do it with a buddy, do one project together.

Get STUDY GUIDE for Wednesday's test on the Constitutional Convention and principles.

Thurs., 10/20: Get and do
3.3; show me.

Read article about Snapchat and JOURNAL (NOT 2nd Hour);
1. Summarize in no more than two sentences.
2. Does this article match reality as you know it re. teen social media use.
3. What are some implications for the future? (Think future social media, business, life, etc.).
4. Etc.

Weds., 10/19:
3.2, read and show me.

JOURNAL: NOT 6th HOUR Write about serious disagreements you've been in or seen that did not end in compromise. What were the sides? Was there a winner? How so?
• Compare it to the argument between Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

Tues., 10/18: Look at the Constitution up until the amendments. Notice and make comment on many things and write about them in your journal. You may include the structure, the language, what it actually says, weird details it deals with, WHATEVER.

Mon., 10/17:
3.1, read, and do it; all about the Constitutional Convention

JOURNAL on when you've had to make compromises and compare yours to the ones made at the Constitutional Convention.


Fri., 10/14:
Find a college you are interested in. If you KNOW you are choosing some other path, please for now choose a college to do this exercise; it is to illustrate economics.
Google that college's name and "total cost of attendance." Copy the information about one year of expenses into your journal (specific costs and the total).

Normal word count does not apply!

Thurs., 10/13: nothing to make up. Go, Guard!

Weds., 10/12 "1776," Day 3.. DO NOT DO THE TOPIC here; I am just saving it for next year.
Nothing to make up.
What, if anything, do you think you learn from films in school that you don't get from reading and memorizing facts?
• Do you think this film has expanded your understanding of what went into declaring independence from Britain? If yes, how so? (If not, that's FINE; tell why.)
• Etc.: Other thoughts on this film in particular? Give it a letter grade? Etc. . . .

Tues., 10/11: 1776 Day Two
John Dickinson says leaving Britain would be leaving all sorts of great tradition and the greatest empire on earth. Franklin says Americans are a new race needing a new nation.
• Which do you think is the better argument?
• Was Independence treason or patriotism?
• Knowing yourself and your personality, would you have been a Loyalist (stay with Britain) or a Patriot (break free)?
• Would you have stayed true to your opinion EVEN IF it meant losing your property and/or life?

Mon., nothing to make up (20 min discussion period)


Fri., 10/7:
JOURNAL: Film "1776": What do you think so far? How do you like how the writers/actors portray the founding fathers? If you didn't know about "now" would you have liked to be born in the 1700s? Why or why not? Etc.

Thurs., 10/6: TEST on Unit 2, Historical Bases: Make up by next Thurs., before or after school.

Weds., 10/5
JOURNAL: After reading the Declaration of Independence:
Make some observations: think some thoughts about its thoughts and writing. Does it make you feel anything? Why or why not? Think about the signatures and the people who signed it. What about the look/layout of the original? Make some observations or write some thoughts about its look/vibe.

Tues., 10/4:
JOURNAL: After reading/viewing some creepy clown news (Google it if you were absent):
Should states and cities outlaw people hanging around in creepy clown outfits?
Why? Or why not?
Try to tie it in with John Locke or the Declaration.
What is up with all this creepy clown stuff, anyway?

Also, get 2.4, do, and show me.

Also get STUDY GUIDE for TEST on UNIT 2 (historical bases of our government).

Mon., 10/3: Read the Declaration of Independence.
Also, get and do 2.3 and show me

• How would it go for you if you went home today, listed some complaints you have against your parents, and then declared your independence from them?
• If you became independent, what would be your next actions to take?
• What would be some advantages if you declared independence from your parents/guardian and lived on your own?
• Disadvantages?


Fri., 9/30 Video LINK
Nothing to make up.

Thurs., 9/29: Show me 2.1 for points.

Ok, Locke said government (rules and enforcement) exist to keep you free-er than you would be in a total state of nature (the "dog-eat-dog" type of setting).
• DO you agree that government should be very limited and pretty much just keep us safe and free to do as we want?
• OR should it be more in the business of "doing" things, like roads, schools, NASA rockets, social security, health, etc?
• SUPPORT with examples from life or things you've learned of, to help make your case.
• And, why do you think you ended up thinking as you think?

2.2 about more historical bases of our government. Do and show me.

Weds., Read powerpoint on English history. Get 2.1
, do and show me for points.
JOURNAL: Economics of homecoming: What does homecoming cost you (time, energy, effort, money, well-being, etc.)? How does it benefit you? Are the benefits worth the costs overall; why/not, howso?

Tues., 9/27: QUIZ on 1.1-1.2

Mon., 9/26:
Finish N. Korea video (link found below).
Our constitution speaks of insuring domestic tranquility, securing liberty, and promoting the general welfare.
Give your opinion and specific examples to support yourself . . .
• Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at "domestic tranquility" (law and order, orderliness within the nation)?
• Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at promoting its people's welfare?
• Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at guaranteeing people's liberty?
• Anything else you want to say about NK. . .


Fri.., 9/23. Get and do short practice on forms of government. Show me when done.

Begin watching North Korea (totalitarian) video:

Thurs., 9/22:
Get and do 1.2, on forms of government. Show me when done.

Winston Churchill said democracy was the worst form of government . . . except for all the others!
• Advantages (as opposed to dictatorships)?
• Disadvantages?
• Which is stronger, the advantages or disadvantages, and why do you think so?
• (*new question!!) Two super-important things in society are education and the military; why do you suppose we don't do democracy in those two hugely-important areas?

Weds., Get INFOSHEET 1.1 and do it. Show me when done.

One day at the start of first hour, Mrs. Griebel says, "For a social experiment, today no school rules and procedures are in effect."
• People still can’t violate state laws. (So they must attend and remain at school, and people can’t hurt each other or steal stuff, etc.) But there are no school rules for a day.
• Describe how that day goes, here at EHS.

TUES., 9/20
TEST on 5.1-5.4

• Do people really need governing (controlling/limiting)?
(I.e., do rules and enforcement make people act better?)
• OR: Could people pretty much be counted on to act well and cooperate without rules?
• OR: Or is it a bit of both?
• Think of things like speeding, tardies, murder, etc., etc.
SUPPORT! your point of view with examples you have seen or know of from history or other disciplines.

Mon., 9/19: nothing to make up


Fri., Get instructions about a JOURNAL activity involving the internet and do it.
Here's the link:

Get STUDY GUIDE for TUESDAY's test on the excutive branch.

Thurs., 9/15: Using 5.1-4, create/write seven questions (like a quiz). Make a separate answer key. Make multiple choice, matching, or fill-in-da-blank. Give me when done.

Weds., 9/14: JOURNAL: Please compare how you are with money and spending to how our nation is. Do you over-spend and get in debt? Or stay "within your means"? Why do you suppose you are that way? Try writing about any experience you have had with planning/budgeting of your money, even if just an informal plan/goal.

Also, get 5.4 about the federal budget and taxes. Do and show me.

Tues., 9/13: JOURNAL:
Turn da page. Write "Week Two."
From what you know, would you like to be President? Why/not? Pros and cons of the job? Would you be a good one? Etc.
ALSO: Get and do infosheet 5.3 about the federal bureaucracy. Do and show me when done.

Mon., 9/12:
Get and do info sheet 5.2 on the electoral college. Show me when done.


Fri., 9/9:

Get 5.1 about the President; do and show me.

JOUNAL: OK, here we go. If you HAD to vote for one of the candidates, whom would you choose? Please start with any positives of your choice before going on to negatives of the other(s). Yes, you can sure write about any difficulties you have in making this decision, or if it's an easy one.

Then please go HERE
and answer the super-short survey one time only. THANKS.

Thurs., 9/8: e.
JOURNAL: Nobody's perfect. So, what are the most important personal qualities you think a president should have (e.g., intelligence, knowledge, toughness, humor, honesty, normalcy, etc, etc.)? And, why? Why are some qualities/abilities not that important? Why not?

Weds., 9/7: Bring a single-subject, spiral-bound notebook tomorrow (Thurs.) for journaling.

Tues., 9/6: Get activity about seven rules and their purposes. Do and show me.