Fri., 6/1: Get exam study guide and work on it.

Thurs., 5/31: Esky animal ordinance activity

Weds., 5/30: E 2 practice

Tues., 5/29: E1 practice


Fri., 5/25: 1st - 5th hours: Vexillology activity: instructions posted on doorframe. Do ASAP and show me for points.
6th: Last TRADING DAY.

Thurs., 5/24: TEST on S2 (county) and S3 (local)

Weds., 5/23: 1st and 2nd: Honors Assembly
6th Hour: Get and do S2/S3 Practice.

Tues., 5/22: HOURS 1-5: Get and do S2/S3 Practice
Also get S3.3, special districts esp. school districts: read, do, and show me.

Mon., 5/21: Get Study Guide for S2/S3. TEST on THURSDAY!
HOURS 1-5: Also get S3.3, special districts esp. school districts: read, do, and show me.
6TH HOUR: Get S3.2 INFO and PRACTICE. I talked through this Thurs., but you were gone Fri. (lockdown) and couldn't get the materials/


Fri., 5/18: last trading day;
Get S3.2 City Govt info; and separate practice sheet; do and show me ASAP.

Thurs., 5/17: Didn't miss any work to make up; missed a lot of instruction, though.

Weds., 5/16:
Get S3.1 on local govt, do and show me.
Get article about UP secession! Oboy! Questions posted on the doorframe. Write up nicely, turn in ASAP!
Take survey once:

Tues., 5/15, Get
Get S2 on counties, do and show me.

Mon., 5/14: nothing to make up


Fri., 5/11: Activity Day! Show me ASAP. Pencil and legible = 7/10; better work gets you more POINTS!!!

Thurs., 5/10: TEST on S1.1-4

Weds., 5/9: Get and do practice sheet; answers on the wall

Tues,. 5/8: nada

Mon., 5/7:
Get S1.4, Judicial Branch. Do and show me.

Week Five

Fri., May 4: Turn in activity we started Thurs.

Thurs., May 3: do activity based on exec. departments of Michigan; give me on Monday to grade

Weds., May 2:
Get S1.3 about executive branch basics; do and show me.

Tues., May 1:
Get S1.2 about the Legislative Branch; do and show me.

Mon., 4/30: Get infosheet
Get S1.1 on state govt in general.


Fri., 4/27:
1. Compare this to last one: how did it go overall in your opinion? How did it go for you, compared to first one?
2. If Trading Day were a celebrity, who would it be? Explain.
3. Suggestions for last one in May: Theme? Items that should be limited? Other thoughts.

IF ABSENT: Journal about a good news story about business or econ or trading.

Thurs., 4/26: JOURNAL: Pick from today's prompts or yesterday's.
• Instead of rating the film, give Mr. Jobs an overall rating as a human being from one to five stars and explain why.
• Here's a famous quote. Write if you agree or not, and why, and what it makes you think about your future.
"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."
• Or try this one:
"My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."

If absent, journal about a business story in the news.

Weds., 4/25:

• Mr. Jobs created a great business and products, but had some serious flaws as a person. Do the achievements outweigh his failings; or should he have been a "better person," even if it hurt his business success?
• What sort of lessons can you take from what you've seen so far, or gathered from other sources about Mr. J?
• Think about a trade-off Mr. Jobs made. What did he give up? What did he gain? Evaluate the trade.
• Any other germane (on point) thoughts/feelings?

Tues., 4/24: "JOBS" DAY I of three:
• Mr. Jobs is often thought of as a lone visionary, dreaming up and creating things by himself. How does this movie confirm or contradict that image that many people have?
• "What it represents is as important as what it is." Do you perceive that idea in any Apple products you know of?
• What personal qualities did Mr. Jobs have that would lead to success in creating and producing products?
• Assuming the movie is accurate in its portrayal, what do you find admirable in Mr. Jobs so far; what do you dislike?
• Etc.
If absent, journal about a business story in the news.

Mon., 4/23: TEST on E5.1-3

Week Three (3)

Fri., 4/20: Get info sheet 5.3 about college; do the bottom and show me.

Thurs., 4/19 nothing to make up; GET STUDY GUIDE for Mon.'s E5 Test.

Weds., 4/18:
• Get infosheet 5.1 about taxes, which you heard about yesterday; do it and show me.
Get notesheet E5.2 notesheet, do it and show me.
• also get instructions part two for the money interview/essay

Tues., 4/17: nothing to make up; tell me whom you are going to talk to about money

Mon: huge snow


FRI., Get first instructions for money interview/essay. BE ABLE TO TELL ME THE NAME OF SOMEONE YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO INTERVIEW ABOUT MONEY, on Monday.


Mon., nothing to make up


Fri., TEST on E4, International Econ

Thurs., 4/5: Watch

Weds., 4/4: no school; surprise!

Tues., 4/3, Get Study Guide for FRIDAY'S TEST on E4.1-4
Get and do review sheet with polar bear on it.

Mon., no school


Fri., 3/23: nothing to make up

Thurs., 3/22:
Get and do E4.4, about trade policy. Do and show me ASAP.
JOURNAL: Say goodbye to journaling with thoughts and emotions.
• optional: Say hello to more frequent homework and a couple essays with thoughts and emotions.
• optional: If you do some in poetry, count those words double.

Weds., 3/21: article on not competing, but innovating. JOURNAL questions are posted near the door.

Tues., 3/20, you missed a good powerpoint on "comparative advantage." It is hard. See me if you need it explained.
Get E4.3 about absolute v. comparative advantage

Mon., 3/19: E4.2, economic systems; SHOW ME ASAP for POINTS!


Fri., 3/16:
Get E4.1, do and show me, on why nations are different in their wealth.

Thurs., 3/15: Oboy! An activity.

1. Pick a country not named USA, Canada, or Mexico.
2. Go to Google News (news.google.com).
Google [your country's name] and a word like "business" or "economy" etc.
Find some news story about that country and business there.
3. Read the story.

4. Write the headline of the story.
5. Summarize in one to two sentences.
6. Write how -- if at all -- this could affect other countries or the US.
7. Write any other thoughts you might have.
8. OPTIONAL: This counts as 50 words: Add a drawing of your country's flag in color and a positive, pithy or catchy saying or slogan about your nation. If you do this, include it in your word count.

Weds., 3/14:


JOURNAL Pick a news story from today or a recent one you know of somehow. You may include the national student 17-minute school walkout planned for today.
• Summarize in no more than two sentences.
• Then, write about implications on the future: how the story can affect people's lives, your life, the economy, etc.
• Or is it interesting but not really important?
Repeat if necessary.

Tues., 3/13: Get and do practice sheet for tomorrow's test

Mon., 3/12:
Get E3.5 on global factors affecting macroeconomics.
Also, get STUDY GUIDE for Wednesday's TEST on E3.

Read article about time change and productivity.
JOURNAL: How does the article state the time change affects worker productivity?
Is this a good reason to get rid of the time change? Explain.
How does it affect you; or what are your general thoughts?
Should Michigan do like Florida and ditch the time change from here on out? Explain.

WEEK 7! How'd that happen?

Fri., 3/9:
Get and do ugly practice sheet; show me when done.

• Read about the Girl Scout who sold many cookies in a certain location.
• Is this brilliant business; or an inappropriate location for a child?
• Are her parents helping her learn business OR contributing to her delinquency (going down a bad path)?
• What broader lessons can we take from this?
• Etc.

Thurs., 3/8: Get and do E3.4. Good luck. Hardest stuff all year. Read it two or three times, seriously. Show me when done. I'd watch this POWERPOINT if I were you or you'll get a bunch wrong on next week's test. Also this crash course video will help you learn it, too: https://youtu.be/1dq7mMort9o

Weds., 3/7:
Get and do E3.3, about fiscal (taxing and spending) policy to affect the economy.

Tues., 3/6: Explore
JOURNAL: Write about some jobs you're interested and their "outlook" (future openings) and what that tells you about the future for that occupation.
Also write about the chance of that or other occupations being automated in 20 years.

Get and do E3.2. Show me when done.


JOURNAL (If you were absent, write about other trades/purchases you have made lately, and how they went.)
1. Compare this to last one: how did it go overall in your opinion? How did it go for you, compared to first one?
2. If Trading Day were an animal, what animal would it be? Explain.
3. Suggestions for next one in April: Theme? Items that should be limited? Other thoughts.

Thurs., 3/1:
Get and do E3.1 about goals of the US economy and how the govt. measures it.

Weds., 2/28: QUIZ on E2.1-3

Tues., 2/27
JOURNAL on NBC and the Olympics article:

1. Describe how much or how little you watched Olympics the past two weeks, and on what platforms.
b. What events do you like the best, if any?
2. Do you suspect that is more or less than four years ago? (Yes, I know it was a long time ago; do your best.)
3. Was NBC's trade of $12B for the US broadcast rights through 2032 a good trade, from what you can tell? Explain why or why not.
b) If they lose money in the long run, are there other ways they could benefit?
4. What would you recommend to NBC to help their ratings improve? Is there anything that would make you personally more likely to watch?

Mon., 2/26
Get E2.3; do and show me.
Journal: Open Topic! Try to tie in with econ (choices/trading).


Fri., 2/23, no school, yahooooo

Thurs., 2/22:
Read Taco Bell article.
JOURNAL; address some of these:
• Write what you think of all that went into the development of DLT.
• Has Taco Bell gotten you to try/buy one? How about their new-ish breakfast line? How about the nacho fries?
• Several years ago there were big losses in business for McDonald's. Competition from other companies' "fast casual" products was one reason. McD's started all-day breakfast. What else would you advise Don's to do to increase demand for their food?
• Any other fast food mashups you would like to taste?
• People will always buy food -- does working in any food industry appeal to you? Explain.

WEDS., 2/21:
Go to http://www.howthemarketworks.com/register/115026
and make an account.
Go up to Make a Trade. Choose Trade Stocks/ETF. Buy at least one share of one company (stock).
Have a friend help you, or me, if you can't get it to work.

Tues., 2/20:
Get and do E2.2: More govt. involvement in the market.
JOURNAL: Read article about shaming people who don't pay their taxes.
This is a "persuasive essay." 1. What is the authors' main point? 2. How well do they make their case?
3. If you were a legislator in Michigan, would you vote to do tax shaming as the authors describe?
Some other way? Social media?
Or not at all?
Explain why/not. . . .

Mon., 2/19:
Get E2.1: Govt. Involvement in the Free Market
Do and show me when done.


Fri., 2/16: click HERE for Colonial House episode 5.

Thurs., 2/15: Read "The Sharing Economy," p. 8 of magazine.
• The "Uber Economy" can mean what this article fouses on: Less ownership, more sharing/renting. What to you are the biggest pros of less owning, more renting? Biggest cons? Which are stronger, the pros or cons?
• Of the apps/companies listed at bottom of p. 9, which appeal to you? Which would you never use? Can you think of other things/services people could offer/rent?

Weds., 2/14: QUIZ on E1, MicroEconomics.
Write about the economics of Valentine's Day, i.e. choices: choices involving money, time, stuff, emotion, etc. What are the trade-offs, opportunity costs, payoffs (benefits) etc.?

Tues., 2/13: Get E1 Practice Sheet, do and show me.

Mon., 2/12: Get E1.4, do and show me.

Get study guide on E1.

Invisible Hand of THE MARKET https://youtu.be/ulyVXa-u4wE

ELASTICITY OF DEMAND https://youtu.be/HHcblIxiAAk


Fri., 2/9: MANY people gone today, so nothing to make up

Thurs., 2/8: TRADING DAY
JOURNAL: So, how'd it go?
• Choosing what to bring
• The advertising process
• What you got in return
• At least one lesson learned
IF ABSENT, Journal how trading played a part of wherever you were or what you did.

Weds., 2/7:
Get and do
E1.3, Law of Demand, do and show me.

Tues., 2/6:
E1.2 about the Law of Supply; do and show me.

JOURNAL Pick a news story from today or a recent one you know of somehow. (Price of stocks dropped yesterday; unemployment down and wages up; Olympics and the Korean combined hockey team; Sistine chapel paintings getting cleaned; Guiness record attempt at Soo)

• Summarize in no more than two sentences.
• Then, write about implications on the future: how the story can affect people's lives, your life, the economy, etc.
• Or is it interesting but not really important?
Repeat if necessary.

Mon., 2/5: JOURNAL After talking with your partner, write about some of the things you talked about, re.what can affect a product's price.
Also add how you came up with a price when you went to sell something.

Get and do E11/2 about prices.


Fri., 2/2:
Get and do E1.1, Microeconomic basics. Do and show me.

Thurs., 2/1
Journal: Let's focus on trades involving money:
What are the best one or two purchases you've ever made? Why?
What are the worst one or two, and why?

Weds., 1/31: QUIZ on 12.1-2, foreign policy

Tues., 1/30:
Get 12.2

Go to any reputable news site not named Google (try CNN, FoxNews, Nytimes.com wapo.st, npr.org, bbc.com).
• Surf/scroll around and find a story related to foreign policy. NOT just any foreign story will do; must intersect with the US somehow).
• Copy the headline, look at the story, then write a brief description of how the issue could affect the US.
• Do this as many times as you need for the word count you desire.

Mon., 1/29 (half-day)
Get STUDY GUIDE for Weds.'s QUIZ on Foreign Policy 12.1-2.

WEEK ONE (1) (yes, "one"!)

Fri., 1/26: JOURNAL:open topic, but tie it in with either a) rules/enforcement or b) trading. [EXTRA CHALLENGE: Tie in with foreign policy and I will give you my Shocked Face.

Also get and do 12.1

Thurs., 1/25: Get and do activity sheet from yellow box.

JOURNAL: Now that we've seen three episodes, would you enjoy being in the Colonial House experiment? Explain.
How well do you think you would do at it?
How about actually living then (1600s-1700s) if you didn't know about life now in awesome 2018?

Weds., 1/24: Colonial House episode III:

Mon./Tues. were SNOW DAYS.

-- Exam Week Occurred. --

WEEK NINE: final week of Quarter Four

Thurs/Fri. ice days
TEST on 11.1-3 indefinitely postponed.
HERE is link to your exam study guide with directions.

Weds., 1/10: Get STUDY GUIDE for Friday's TEST on 11.1-11.3.

Get and do 11.3
about money and the media.

• Ads you love and hate, and why . . .
• Re. politics, do you think advertising really leads people to vote for or against a candidate? Why do you think this?

Tues., 1/9:
All hours: get and do 11.2, about "special interest groups."

Mon., 1/8
Go to
http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/ and take quiz.
• Read over the report of what political "type" you are according to Pew Research.
• Print A PAGE OR TWO; OR jot things down; or remember what it says really well.

Then go to
https://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz and take quiz.
• Find out the presidential candidate who was closest to you on the issues.
• SCROLL DOWN to see your lib-conserv libertarian-authoritarian graph.
• CLICK on "Party" to see what party you would side with the most. Look them up if you never heard of 'em.
• Print A PAGE OR TWO; OR jot things down; or remember what it says really well.

• What do you think of the questions asked, and the process? What do you think of the results you got: surprising, or not?
• From the "political type" quiz, does the result sound like you? How so or how not?
• On the party one, If the party or person you got wasn't whom you like best, why do you think there is a discrepancy?
• What do you learn from doing this?


Fri., 1/5:
JOURNAL (SAT practice, yo!)
Read the "op/ed" (opinion/editorial) essay by John Stossell.
• Write Mr. Stossel's main point in your own words.
• Write a couple of lines he uses to support his opinion. Feel free to quote directly, but use quotation marks if you do.
• Evaluate how well he makes his case and explain why you think so.
• Write whether you agree with him or not; support yourself with evidence as best you can.
• Conclude.
• Nice.

Thurs., 1/4:
Get 11.1 and do it. Show me when done.

Weds., 1/3/18: Get a list of Core Democratic Values. Pick eight. Subdivide a big sheet of paper into eight parts; put one of the CDV's in each area and define each in your own words, with an illustration. Merely doing this = 7/10. Going above and beyond somehow, gets you more pts.

WOOHOO, New Year! 2018!
Tues., 1/2/2018
JOURNAL CHOICE A: Write about any thoughts/hopes/goals you have for the coming year regarding money, work, business ventures, etc.
CHOICE B: Write about trades of time/energy/$/goods you made over Break.


Fri., 12/22; TEST on 7B (7.5-7.8)

Thurs., 12/21:
Get and do 7.8 about your UN-ENUMERATED rights that you still reserve (keep), thanks to Amendments Nine and Ten.

Ok, ASIDE from buying presents, how is there TRADING of time/energy/$/things during the holiday season?
What is traded away?
What is gained?
How does it affect you personally?

Weds., 12/20: Get STUDY GUIDE for TEST on 7.5-7.8 on Friday.
Get and do 7.7 about rights of the accused and punished.
Get and do practice sheet on amendments IV - VI.

Tues., 12/19: 2nd and 6th HOURS: Do yesterday's awesome journal.

ALL HOURS: Get Esky Schools' search and seizure policy. Write three good things about it, and why each is good in your opinion.
Write three ways it could be improved, or things it needs, and why. If absent, turn in the day after you return to school.

Mon., 12/18
Get, read, and do 7.6 about the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure).

1st and 5th hours: Read Supreme Court Case New Jersey v TLO!
• In your own words, summarize what led up to the case.
• Then summarize in your own words each side's "argument." (Its rationale and what it wanted.)
• Then tell how you would have voted as a Supreme Court justice, based on the Fourth (and 14th) Amendments. (I.e., Was this an "unreasonable" search the Fourth Amendment protects us from? Or was it "reasonable"? Explain.)
• Acknowledge the opposing view and explain why your view is better.


Fri., 12/15:
JOURNAL: Article about arming teachers.
• Summarize the issue in Colorado in one to two sentences.
• Write the pros as you see them.
• Then write the cons.
• Which are stronger, the pros or cons, and why?
• Conclude by writing whether we should go to such a policy at EHS. (Practice writing strongly; avoid "I think" or "in my opinion."

Thurs., 12/14:
Get and do 7.5, about the Second Amendment.

Monday you examined our Bill of Rights. Now compare Finland's or Sweden's Bill of Rights to ours.
Style/language/length differences you notice?
Any rights the other country has listed that we don't? Would you like them added to ours?
Any rights that our Bill has that they're missing?
Which are stronger, the similarities between our Bill and theirs, or the differences? Explain.
Any advice/questions you would have for people there, about their rights?

Weds., 12/13
TEST on Rights (First Amendment)

Tues., 12/12: Write seven quiz questions based on 7.1-7.4, to help get ready for the TEST on WEDNESDAY.
Make your questions either matching or multiple choice. Merely doing them legibly = 7/10. Go "above and beyond" somehow to get an 8, 9, or 10/10.
This is due the day after you return in person to class, or it's late.

Mon., 12/11
Read the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments to the Constitution).
• Write things you notice about it.
• These could be very boring observations; or things you find interesting or odd, like rights you didn't know of, or ways things are worded. Or, how things are grouped. Or something that is not included.
• For some of the things you notice, take a guess as to why it is that way.
• Or think of some questions you still have about the Bill.

ALSO Get and do
7.4 on assembly and petition rights.


Fri., 12/8:
Get Study Guide for Wednesday's TEST.

Get notes on Tinker case from a friend.

Hazelwood Schools v Kuhlmeier, 1988.
In your JOURNAL: Summarize in your own words the argument of the party bringing the case (first name in the case's title);
• then summarize the argument of the party responding (second name in the case).
• Tell which side has the better argument and try to base it on your understanding of the 1st amendment. Tell how you would vote if you were a judge, and why your opinion is right-er than the opposing view.

Thurs., 12/7:
Get and do 7.3 about speech and press rights.

Weds., 12/6: nothing to make up but you missed a lot of fun regarding religion rights cases

Tues., 12/5:

Restate the issues in the "wedding cake" case before the Supreme Court today (SCOTUS).
Which party would you "vote for" if you were a justice on the court? (the religious baker; or the state of Colorado and its law requiring him to serve all couples)
Explain why your thinking is more correct than someone who disagrees with you.

Get and do 7.2; show me when done or check it with a friend.

Mon., 12/4, nothing to make up


Fri., 12/1: Get and do 7.1 about RIGHTS in general, and the 14th specifically. Show me when done.

Thurs., 11/30:
• When in your experience have you seen the use of JEFFERSONian fairness? (Treating people differently - but appropriately - based on different abilities, needs, etc.)
Think of sports, classes, jobs, family, whatever.
• When in your experience have you seen JACKSONian fairness? (All people treated equally.)
Again, think of parents, coaches, bosses, govt., etc. dealing with people.
• Is one of the two fairness methods generally better? Or does it depend? Please explain. Have fun.

Weds., 11/29: GIDEON DAY III
Go on youtube (link below) and watch the last 1/3 or so.
Pick and choose from among the following:
• What is your opinion on the Supreme Court’s "Gideon" decision (poor people get a free lawyer, in order for justice to occur)?
• What do you think of the Court's "remedy" (a retrial)? They could have released 5,000 people or just ordered free lawyers "from now on." Do you think a retrial was double-jeopardy?
• If Gideon had been guilty, would that affect your opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision?
• What do you suppose "trumpet" in the title "Gideon's Trumpet" refers to?
• Give an overall review of the movie. Give it a letter grade or stars compared to most other school movies and explain.
• Should or shouldn’t I show it next year?

Tues., 11/28:
Gideon Day Two
Go to YouTube and watch segments 4-7 of "Gideon's Trumpet." (or up through Supreme Court deliberations)
• How is the Supreme Court different from a trial court? What do you think of how it operates compared to a normal, trial court?
• What do you think about nine unelected people (the justices) voting to decide what your rights are? Good plan? Think of anything better?
• More predictions?

Mon., 11/27: Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOnsB2S5nJc
and watch the first 36 minutes or so up through Clarence Gideon's sending in his appeal to the Supreme Court.
JOURNAL: How would you have decided if you were on the jury, and why?
What would be hard about defending oneself in court without a lawyer?
Should people who can’t afford an attorney be given one by the taxpayers? Why/not?
Make some predictions about the case/film.


Tues., 11/21: Quiz on 6.1-2

Mon., 11/20: Get and do big practice for QUIZ on TUESDAY on 6.1-2

video link:


Fri., 11/17:
Get 6.2

Get STUDY GUIDE for TUESDAY's QUIZ on 6.1 - 6.2.

Watch video at:

Thurs., 11/16:
Get and do 6.1 on the Judicial Branch.

• Write about a time or times you have tried to convince someone you were right about something, or when you tried to "get your way."
• How did you go about convincing someone, or "making your case"?
• How good (or not) are you at arguing/convincing?
• What advice would you give others on "getting your way"?

Weds., 11/15 -- deer day --

Tues., 11/14:

TEST: 5.1-5.4

JOURNAL (NOT 1st or 2nd hours):
Pick a news story from yesterday or today or a recent one you know of somehow.
• Summarize in no more than two sentences.
• Then, write about implications on the future: how the story can affect people's lives, your life, the economy, etc.
• Or is it interesting but not really important?
Repeat if necessary.

Mon., 11/13
JOURNAL: What are the most important personal qualities you think are important for a president to have (e.g, intelligence, knowledge, tenacity, humor, honesty, normalcy, morality, etc, etc.)? From what you can tell, give Mr. Trump numerical ratings in the characteristics you consider most important.


Yes, "ONE"!

Thurs-Fri., 11/9-10:
Get STUDY GUIDE for Tues.' s TEST on 5.1-5
Get and do practice sheet.
JOURNAL: We were talking about spending Wednesday.
Let's say you have 70 years ahead of you.
What is worth spending your life on?
Why do you think so?
What would you respectfully say to someone who thinks/feels otherwise?

Weds., 11/8:

Get 5.4 about the federal budget and taxes. Do and show me.

JOURNAL: Please compare how you are with money and spending to how our nation is. Do you over-spend and get in debt? Or stay "within your means"? Why do you suppose you are that way? Try writing about any experience you have had with planning/budgeting of your money, even if just an informal plan/goal.

Tues., 11/7:
Get and do infosheet 5.3 about the federal bureaucracy. Do and show me when done.

Mon., 11/6
Get directions from yellow box and follow them, in order to explore an executive agency of your choosing and to JOURNAL about it.


Fri., 11/3:
Link to Colonial House ep 02: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RoKSYYAVvU

Thurs., 11/2
Restate in a few sentences how the whole Electoral College thing works.
What do you think of the Electoral College way of choosing the President? (I.e., we trhe people don't choose him/her directly)
Good idea? Bad?
Would you change it if you could? To what?

Get and do
info sheet 5.2 on the electoral college. Show me when done.

Weds., 11/1: miscellany day, nothing to make up

Tues., 10/31:
Get and do 5.1.

From what you know, would you like to be President? ($400k, travel, pension, secret service for life, tons of $ via speeches in retirement)
Pros and cons of the job?
Would you be a good one? Etc.

Mon., 10/30: nothing (Halloween movie reward for juniors that day)


Fri., 10/27: nothing to make up

Thurs., 10/26: Read article about your generation.
• What parts of Dr. Twenge's research on your generation seem most accurate, based on your own observations of your generation so far?
• Are there any parts that don't seem to line up with what you've observed so far?
• IF what Dr. Twenge has discovered IS accurate, what are some positive implications for our society when you're adults?
• Negative implications?
• Any other thoughts on this?

Weds., 10/25: TEST on 4.1 - 4.3

Tues., 10/24
JOURNAL: Would you like to be a legislator (lawmaker)?
• You would be involved in writing/passing/defeating bills;, being in hearings; meeting with constituents (people from your district); raising money to get re-elected; running in elections; going to many meetings, etc.
• Would this be great, terrible, or in between? Why?
• What parts sound better/worse than others?

Get big practice on legislative brance, for TEST on Weds.

Get STUDY GUIDE for TEST on Weds.

Mon., 10/23:
Get and do 4.3
Get and do ugly practice sheet on

Week Seven

Fri., 10/20:
JOURNAL: (quasi-open) (NOT 1st or 2nd)
• Write about any recent purchase or trade (can be a trade-off of time and/or energy, too, not just $ or things). Write about what you traded away; what you received; and whether it was a good trade. Repeat if necessary.
• OR Write about any interaction you've had with rules and their enforcement or lack thereof.

Thurs., 10/19: Get and do: 4.2.
Structure of Congress.

Weds., 10/18
JOURNAL (NOT 1st or 2nd hours)
Turn page and write "WEEK SEVEN"!
Pick a news story from yesterday or today or a recent one you know of somehow. (Somalia terrorism, fires, shredding money, fidget spinners in space; ISIS defeat, a judge's check/balance over-ruling Trump travel ban for now; communist gathering in China; guitars, burritos from da sky

• Summarize in no more than two sentences.
• Then, write about implications on the future: how the story can affect people's lives, your life, the economy, etc.
• Or is it interesting but not really important?
Repeat if necessary.

Tues., 10/17: Get and do
about Congress.

Mon., 10/16: nothing really to make up


Fri., 10/13: TEST on 3.1-3.3

Rules and laws usually restrict or limit people's or companies' behavior. They usually prohibit or restrict some action.
• Can you thiknk of any new rules/laws we should have, either as a school, community, state, or country? Explain.
• Can you think of any rules/laws that should be eliminated? Explain.
• What is your least favorite rule or law of all time? Explain.

Thurs., 10/12, only afternoon classes:
JOURNAL: OPEN TOPIC: Write on anything fit for school.
Need an idea? "Every 15 Minutes": how effective you think it'll be at keeping people from driving after drinking. Or Colonial House.

Get and do dull practice sheet (yes, it's one you've done before, but it's practice to help you, so try not to look on the first one.

Weds. 10/11, only morning classes: JOURNAL: OPEN TOPIC: Write on anything fit for school.

Get and do dull practice sheet (yes, it's one you've done before, but it's practice to help you, so try not to look on the first one.

Tues., 10/10: Write seven quiz questions based on 3.1-3.3, to help get ready for TEST on FRIDAY. Make your questions either matching or multiple choice.


Go HERE for Friday's video. No journal, btw.

Thurs., 10/5:


Get and do 3.3; show me.

If you were at a Constitutional Convention in 2021 to write a new one, which one or two principles you learned about would be most important to include in a new constitution? Explain why.
• Which one or two could you do without, IF you had to? Explain?
• Any other thoughts you have on the principles people find in the real constitution we've been using for 229 years now.

Weds., 10/4: Get and do 3.2, read and show me.
Get and do practice sheet with Alex Hamilton's face on it.
Do both and show me ASAP.

Tues., 10/3: Get Constitution Outline sheet, find a copy of the constitution online in or in a book; show me for points ASAP.

JOURNAL on when you've had to make compromises and compare yours to the ones made at the Constitutional Convention.

Mon., 10/2: 3.1, read, and do it; all about the Constitutional Convention; show me ASAP.


Fri., Watch the last 1/3 of 1776 (see link below in Weds and Thurs. topics.
What, if anything, do you think you learn from films in school that you don't get from reading and memorizing facts?
• Do you think this film has expanded your understanding of what went into declaring independence from Britain? If yes, how so? (If not, that's FINE; tell why.)
• Etc.: Other thoughts on this film in particular? Give it a letter grade? Etc. . . .

Thurs., 9/28:
"1776", Day Two
Go online to you tube and watch 1776 from the decision to discuss independence (roughly 35:00) through Thomas Jefferson's wife joining him in Philadelphia.

John Dickinson says leaving Britain would be leaving all sorts of great tradition and the greatest empire on earth. Franklin says Americans are a new race needing a new nation.
• Which do you think is the better argument?
• Was Independence treason or patriotism?
• Knowing yourself and your personality, would you have been a Loyalist (stay with Britain) or a Patriot (break free)?
• Would you have stayed true to your opinion EVEN IF it meant losing your property and/or life?

Weds., 9/27:
JOURNAL: Film "1776": What do you think so far? How do you like how the writers/actors portray the founding fathers? If you didn't know about "now" would you have liked to be born in the 1700s? Why or why not? Etc.

If you were absent go HERE and watch the first 35:00.

Tues. 9/26 TEST on 2.1-2.4 (Historical Bases of the Am. Govt.)

Pick a news story from yesterday or today.
(Puerto Rico, nationalist party in Germany, football-Trump feuding, giant Gameboy;
Kim and missiles; travel ban; long name in Wales; pancake record)
Summarize in no more than two sentences.
Then, write about implications on the future: how it can affect people's lives, your life, the economy, etc. Or is it interesting but not really important?
Repeat if necessary.

Mon., 9/25: Get and do practice sheet on unit two.


Fri., 9/22 Get STUDY GUIDE for TUES.'s TEST.
Do 2.4 on the Articles of Confederation.

Thurs., 9/21: JOURNAL: After reading the Declaration of Independence:

Notice some things about the Declaration. Make some observations.
Think some thoughts. Perhaps about . . .
• its ideas
• its writing
• the look/layout/feel
• the signers/signatures
• does it make you feel anything, why/not?

Weds., 9/20:
Also, get and do 2.3 about the Declaration of Indiependence and show me.
Show me when done.
• How would it go for you if you went home today, listed some complaints you have against your parents, and then declared your independence from them?
• If you became independent, what would be your next actions to take?
• What would be some advantages if you declared independence from your parents/guardian and lived on your own?
• Disadvantages?

Tues., 9/19: Get 2.2 about more historical bases of our government. Do and show me.

Turn da page. Write "WEEK THREE."
Economics of homecoming:
What does homecoming cost you (time, energy, effort, money, well-being, etc.)?
How does it benefit you?
Are the benefits worth the costs overall; why/not, howso? Etc. . .

Mon., 9/18: CONSTITUTION DAY! No work to make up.


Fri., 9/15:

Write about any recent purchase or trade (can be a trade-off of time and/or energy, too, not just $ or things). Write about what you traded away; what you received; and whether it was a good trade. Repeat if necessary.

OR Write about any interaction you've had with rules and their enforcement or non-enforcement.

Thurs., 9/14:
Finish N. Korea video (link found below, see "Weds.").

Our constitution speaks of insuring domestic tranquility, securing liberty, and promoting the general welfare.
Give your opinion and specific examples to support yourself . . .
• Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at "domestic tranquility" (law and order, orderliness within the nation)?
• Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at promoting its people's welfare?
• Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at guaranteeing people's liberty?
• Anything else you want to say about NK. . .

Weds., 9/13
History! Read powerpoint on English history (through John Locke). Get 2.1, read and do it. Show me ASAP.

North Korea and totalitarianism! Go to
and watch the first 20 minutes (or all of it, if you're enraptured by it!)

Tues., QUIZ on 1.1 and 1.2.

Democracy (all or most of the people somehow make the rules):
• Advantages (as opposed to dictatorships)?
• Disadvantages (as opposed to dictatorships)?
• Which are stronger, the advantages or disadvantages, and why do you think so?
• Two super-important things in society are education and the military; why do you suppose we don't do democracy in those two hugely-important areas?

Mon., 9/11: Get and do handwritten practice sheet on forms of government. Quiz on 1.1 and 1.2 coming on Tues.


Fri., 9/8:
Get and do 1.2, on forms of government. Do it and show me ASAP.
2nd hour: Get the form that tells about how we journal; sign the bottom and give back to me ASAP.

One day at the start of first hour, Mrs. Griebel says, "For a social experiment, today no school rules and procedures are in effect."
Describe how that day goes, here at good ol' EHS.
• (People still can’t violate state laws. So they must attend and remain at school, and people can’t hurt each other or steal stuff, etc. But there are no school rules for a day.

Thurs., 9/7: Get a journaling instruction sheet. Sign and tear off the bottom and return it to me.

Do people really need governing (controlling/limiting)?
(In other words, do rules and enforcement make people act better?)
• OR: Could people pretty much act well and cooperate nicely without rules/laws?
• OR: Or is it a bit of both?
• Think of any behaviors from speeding to tardies to murder, and all points in between.
! SUPPORT ! your point of view with examples you have seen or know of from history or other disciplines.

Weds., 9/6: Get INFOSHEET 1.1 and do it. Show me when done.
Bring a single-subject, spiral-bound notebook tomorrow (for points).

Tues., 9/5: Get and do 7 Rules and Purposes Sheet. Give to me ASAP. (NOT 6th hour)